Cloud Computing as Internet-Based Utility

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Today, cloud computing is one of the sultriest discussion themes in Information Technology has given the guarantee of incredibly enhanced efficiencies, noteworthy cost structures, versatile infrastructure, elite and secured storage of data. Consequently, selecting the appropriate platform can be troublesome as they all have advantages and shortcomings. Along these lines, this paper seeks to explore a comparative study on various commercial cloud platforms. In so doing, the backdrop draws a comparison of features of all these cloud computing platforms.

Keywordscloud computing, Google App Engine, Microsoft Windows Azure, Citrix, Salesforce, LunaCloud, IT (Information Technology)


Cloud computing is Internet-based utility computer processing, fundamentally shared computing resources, programming and data that are utilized by end-clients facilitated on virtual servers (1). On several occasions, cloud computing has been termed as anything past an organizations or client's firewall (2) . Recent decades have seen personal computing advance in various stages with the primary stage being characterized by local desktops computing and data storage. Local computing and data storage then paved the way for a more dynamic stage where applications sat on a local server with utility software on the desktop alongside the internet to give significant data (3). Finally, today, the superior part of all computing and data storage are all on the internet. IT experts anticipate that in the next ten years, 85% of overall computational data will move to the cloud (4).

Additionally, Cloud computing has greatly impacted the delegate standpoint, which dispersed computing (5). Cloud computing has brought forth another imaginative intending to disseminated and off-premises computing , characterized distributed computing as an on-interest administration model for procurement of IT, typically taking into account virtualization innovations and dispersed processing (6). Cloud computing development empowers on-interest access to network pool of shared resources . This model without a doubt imagines the world where parts can be immediately organized, actualized, provisioned, potentially decommissioned and on solicitation scaled here and there to give utility on interest model of utilization and designation (7) .

It is imperative for businesses seeking cloud services to comprehend the essential variations between the key cloud services given the broad nature of the cloud concept (8). Cloud computing necessarily encompasses all categories of online services (9). Be as it may, business in quest of cloud services are presented with three basic models. These classifications include; SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). Each model has its intricacies and mixture cloud frameworks, but this comparison excerpt focuses on PaaS and IaaS cloud computing providers.

IaaS cloud computing Providers

Citrix CloudStack

Citrixs XenServer is the core upon which all its cloud solutions are fixated. The cloud solutions are upheld by the framework and the group of the CloudStack open source venture, having newly acquired Citrix supports CloudStack for its cloud computing endeavors, in addition to marketing service provider releases. Of all the assessed cloud platforms, Citrix's is on the fringe of being an open and a business arrangement. Alongside VMware's items, XenServer has a demonstrated reputation and vicinity in the business division. However, its openness and great Linux support have too made it appealing in the scientific and educational domains.

Microsoft Azure

Windows Azure is an open and adaptable cloud platform that empowers its users to assemble rapidly, send and oversee applications over a worldwide system of Microsoft-managed datacenters. Users can develop applications utilizing any language, apparatus or structure. Furthermore, they can coordinate their open cloud applications with their current IT environment. Windows Azure gives a framework that balances and adjusts to varying business sensibilities. It enhances the development of new applications or running existing applications, as it gives best value execution and an end-to-end support.



VMware prides itself in putting forth a feature-complete Virtualization framework, not to mention the demonstrated reputation of its virtualization items such as ESXi and vSphere over the past. VMware has adopted a far-reaching cloud platform that is fabricated and in this manner stretched out for use in cloud environments with the vCloud Director item. VMware is additionally fairly divided, with administrations, like security administration (vShield), Chargeback Manager, Server Heartbeat, among others, all conveyed and charged independently, which might fundamentally lead to an increment in expenses. VMware happens to be independent without attachments to particular hardware platforms. The past few decades have seen the most platform rationalist product among the assessed cloud facilities, a strategy that has been well adopted in the market. The platform completely underpins the largest number of guest operating systems.


Group and Vendor Support

Cloud computing support is regularly classified between a client group and a seller. Group related criteria manage openly accessible bolster channels of the client or engineer groups assembled around the item, and their quality. Seller related criteria worry with direct vending support channels and the likelihood of an SLA contract.

Figures and Tables

Iaas cloud Computing Providers:

A comparison of features provided by major IaaS cloud computing providers

Comparison of Features IaaS cloud computing Providers

Microsoft Azure Google App Engine Lunacloud

Storage Features Microsoft Azure Provides REST and SDK APIs for cloud storage and access.

Asynchronous communication is effected through queue service.

Use of SMB protocol consents storage and access.

Unstructured data is stored as blobs. Infrastructure smoothens development of scalable applications. However, it has restrictions on the applications array. Storage is on a virtue disk.

Unlimited capacity.

Management Features Supports Cloud automation through Azure automation.

SQL Database ensures effective data management.

Redis cache support.

Management tasks are effected by StorSimple App Engine eliminates system administration setbacks that encompass application development as it scales more than a hundred requests per second. Access and control is effected through the control panel or an API.

Network Features It runs on a VPN.

Networking allows the creation of secure private connections to the data centers.

Azure load balancing regulates requests from an application running on the same cloud location. Developers are confined to supported languages and frameworks over the network.

Obligatory Application instances are deployed and monitored.

Bandwidth and CPU use restrictions. Amazon S3 API Compatibility.

Paas cloud Computing Providers:

A comparison of features provided by major PaaS cloud computing providers

Comparison of Features PaaS cloud computing Providers

VMWare. Amazon EC2.

Storage Features VMWare vCloud Air is the public cloud platform.

Offers a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution. Persistent Storage.

Instances are either launched from root disks or by using an EBS volume.

S3 offers a simplified storage framework

Management Features Workspace portal provides an application workspace management.

VMWare vRealize and VMWare EVO SDDC enhance management services. Linux and MicroSystems OpenSolaris.

Amazon CloudWatch delivers real-time management.

Network Features vCloud enhances Network and Security.

Software-defined data center.

Virtual Storage Area Network. IP address flexibility. Whereas the IP address is similar to a static address in conventional data centers, Amazon IPs can be mapped to virtue machine instances.


In conclusion, the backdrop on cloud computing platforms illustrate the dissimilarities and correspondences in features, supported services, and cost analysis. The prevalent popularity of cloud computing depicts the progressive growth and development of these platforms (10). Evaluation and comparison of the commercial platforms have outlined comparable features as illustrated. Modelling of workloads also signifies precise systems aspects. Large performance and cost differences can be observed across these platforms.


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