Implications of Corruption to Healthcare in Ukraine - Essay Outline

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Clearly, the main purpose I developed in the study was to identify the business implications of corruption to healthcare in Ukraine as well as recommending the ways of fixing it with the main objectives being to access the systems available in Ukraine for fighting corruption. Additionally, some of the additional aims that were essential in the study included, finding the cost implications of corruption in the healthcare industry and related business, identifying the real business loopholes of corruption in the health sector and recommending ways of fighting corruption. Through the principal aims of the study, I came up with different research questions, with the main research question being in what ways corruption affecting the Ukraine economy? And the additional sub-questions that the research sought to answer were, What are the cost implications of corruption in the healthcare system and related businesses in the Ukraine? What loopholes are there in the business of healthcare provision that facilitates the commission of corruption? What methods are available to fight corruption in Ukraine? And what are the economic and social implications of corruption in Ukraine?

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With the high level of corruption being experienced in the Ukraine health sector, the significance of the study is to clarify on the implications of corruption for Ukraines healthcare industry and business while offering suitable recommendations on how these issues can be tackled. It is essential for the healthcare workforce in Ukraine to learn about the issues that corruption perpetuates and creates in medicine and health care in the health sector.

Chapter Two

Turning attention to chapter two, I will focus on reviewing different kinds of literature and research that were done in the past, accommodating thoughts from different research and previous literature. Some researchers such as Nikoloski & Mossialos (2013), claiming that the problems of the health-related corruption could further be accentuated within a global context which relates to the global settings and health programs.literature by Stepurko et al. (2013), define corruption as the arrangement which entails an exchange between the two parties (the supplier and the demanded) that has an effect on the allocation of the resources either directly or later on and includes utilization or abuse of the collective responsibility or public for private gains.

Focusing on the theoretical framework, some social scientists have placed their focus on the sound logic that assists in explaining corrupt practices within specific cultural settings. Nikoloski & Mossialos (2013) have examined the social norms that allow societies such as Ukraine to justify corruption; they further argue that the logics of gift-giving, negotiation, predatory authority, redistributive accumulation, and solidarity have to be taken into consideration when establishing anti-corruption interventions and policies. It is important to note that there is limited research on investigating the concept of corruption within the healthcare sector.

Additionally, Kochan & Goodyear (2011) emphasize that corrupt practices in healthcare possess the dual effect whereby quality is reduced, and quantity is lowered. The result of this is that the health outcomes like child mortality rates and infant mortality rates are significantly affected. Furthermore, the researchers have suggested some policies fix the issue of corruption within Ukraines healthcare sector.

Chapter 3

Having reviewed past research and literature about my study, in chapter three, I would like to draw your attention to qualitative approach as the methodology used in the study, with the primary strategy aiming at collecting empirical, financial, statistical and psychological information regarding the topic. And analyze it in a new and fresh manner to propose changes which would reflect on the subject question, so as to assist in defining social norms and pressures linked with corruption as well as assess elaborate pathways in which corruption takes place.

In the research design, the models that will be used to examine the implication of corruption in the health care sector and businesses in Ukraine is panel estimation. This combines cross-country observations and time series to estimate the influence of corruption on the area of health since accurate results can be collected on how corruption impacts the area of health in Ukraine and how the situation has changed through time. The method of data collection will involve direct interface interviews which are based on the standardized questionnaire, and all respondents will be asked about their perception or attitude towards corrupt practices especially in the form of gifts and free cash payments.

For information gathering, I will use snowball and purposive sampling. I will use four main groups of participants that will be pre-selected. They include doctors that carry out consultations with the patients as well as other related medical professionals, government officials and hospital administrators responsible for procuring services and medicine, the patients and the health care sector representatives, with data being gathered through semi-structure and closed-ended questionnaires. Focusing on data analysis, I will use Software to establish the database to categorize, code, and organize data that has been collected, coding and grouping the codes by the themes will be performed in a simultaneous manner.

Chapter four

I will make my conclusion and recommendation at the same time. Low salaries among the health care workforce are distinctively seen as a significant aspect which elaborates on the increase of unethical actions. Corruption is a complicated issue that threatens access to medical care, outcomes, and equity. Citizens and health sector leaders in Ukraine have realized that there are detrimental impacts of corruption which makes it necessary to tackle the issue. Application of a theory can lead to the creation of an effective program that may shut down possibilities, strengthen resistance, and alleviate pressures to corruption.

Finally, I recommend that it is essential to have a better understanding of the factors that crop up as a result of corruption in health care to craft codes of conduct, professional education programs, promote effective role modeling, and information campaigns that correct misinformation that could have been influenced by beliefs.

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