If Advertising in Schools Should Be Allowed

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Advertising in schools should be allowed only under unquestionable situation. The advertisement in school should be of great significance to the students. Example of such adverts includes Non-profit organization adverts that would be good as they do not make money off people and adverts of organization that promote sponsorship programs in schools. (Beswick, 2011)

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Before deciding if an advert should be allowed in school or not, there are factors that must be considered. One is if the advert is age appropriate for those students in school. This must be considered as age varies and those who have not attained that age should not be exposed. Secondly is if the advert itself is useful or beneficial to the student. This is as school is a learning ground for children and therefore adverts that contribute to this should be allowed. There are adverts that are educational. An example of this is adverts that teach audience on better health alternative (Macedo, 2010).

Another consideration to be taken in is if the adverts add any value to the students education. There are adverts that educate children on products, lifestyle and other factors. These include adverts on sanitary towels. They teach girls on which sanitary towel to buy and the importance of the product. Another example of such an advert is those that promote children rights (Macedo, 2010). Children learn their rights from such adverts and they are therefore very important.

The other fact that should be considered is how relevant the advertisement is in the school compound. Some adverts are not related to the school curriculum and can be done elsewhere. It is of the view that there is no need of the advert being done within the school while it can be done somewhere else and get to the targeted audience. Showing some adverts in school is pointless and irrelevant (Beswick, 2011).

The alternative marketing practices that are open to companies selling products to children include one, advertising on television with parental control, advertising age appropriate adverts on video games, the internet, social media and children television channels (Beswick, 2011).

If a school district proposed advertising on and in buses which are public property paid for inform of tax, it would raise issues. Allowing advertising by the district without reporting would bring up issues from the other publics. The stakeholders of this decision include parents, teachers, school board members, city councilors, community members and state representatives. Parents did not see the point of advertising in schools. They saw these to be distractive to the children. Teachers approved only some adverts which are educative. City councilors and state representatives did not support advertisement in school as they saw it as a waste of time. School board members found advertising to be profitable to the school (Beswick, 2011).

According to the UN convention, on the rights of a child Art 29 (1) a. States that the education of a child shall concentrate on the growth of the childs personality, character, emotional, mind and physical growth (Macedo, 2010). Art 31(1). Another rule and responsibility state that the child has a right to be protected from economic exploitation. Also the state should protect them from any work which affects the childs education.

Advertising in schools should, therefore, be allowed but to a certain extend. The only advertising that should be authorized is those that fit in the schools curriculum. They should be educative and add value to students not just market products (Macedo, 2010). This case is a matter of consequences as there are advertisements that are distractive to the students and do not add any value.


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