How To Succeed At A Job Interview

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When you ask most people what their greatest fear is, the answer is mostly always jobbing interviews. Is it a valid fear? Should one be fearful of a fellow human being asking them questions about themselves? Only when youre not prepared! Only when you do not know the right way to go about it. There are a few simple steps that one should consider before attending an interview.

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Firstly, research is imperative. Have some knowledge about the company in question beforehand. Know what they stand for, what they believe in, their vision and mission. It is important that it coincides with you and your values. Research about the projects that they have recently or in the past been involved with. When your interviewer gets a sense that you know these things, they will appreciate your effort.

Secondly, know the interviewer. Don't get this wrong way; I do not mean knowing about the company, I mean know the individual who will conduct the interview. Knowing the interviewer's name, role and achievements of the company show interest. It will not hurt either if they are flattered by your interest in them. Besides, some people take it more seriously than others do. To be on the safe side, know your interviewer.

Third, be time conscious. This issue is taken very seriously. The interviewer does not have to be waiting for you. It is rude and unprofessional to be late. It doesnt matter whether there is an excuse about traffic. That is not the interviewer's fault, as the interviewee, you should take into consideration the amount of time spent in traffic to arrive on time.

Fourth, your first impression. This is what you will be remembered by. You don't want your first impression to be an embarrassing moment. First impressions are always the smallest things; it could be the way you talk, the way you, answer questions or how you respect the people in the office.

Dress to impress. Your dress code should be professional and at the same time flattering. For example, you may be interviewing for a marketing job. The interviewer would like to see your dress code in the future in case you land the job. Most people do not take this seriously. Besides, the company is interested in your brains, not your dress right? This is a wrong analysis because for them to listen to what you have to say, they have to see you first.

Know yourself and anticipate any question. Know your strengths. What will you add to this company? Why do they need you? By knowing yourself, you can be able to answer these questions very confidently. They will need to hear you talk by asking you questions. They need to know if you can fit into their culture and way of doing things and because they will want to know you shall fit in their team.

Stay active. It doesnt matter that the interview went badly, or so you think. You will always want to leave with a positive impression. Go out looking robust and confident. Consider the interview as a learning curve. There are going to be much more.

Last but not least, ask questions at the end of the interview. Engaging with the interviewer is important as it shows interest on your part. Genuine interest will demonstrate. At the end of the meeting do not forget to show your gratitude for being selected for an interview.

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