How Human Resource Managers Handle Employee Conflicts at Workplaces

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Analysis of situation.Conflict at workplaces occasionally occurs due to the different personalities, values, and beliefs of the employees. Managers can resolve conflicts using compromising, collaborating, accommodating and systematic styles.

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This is a conflict resolution approach where the conflicting parties come up with different ideas to solve a problem. It occurs when two people learn to deal with each other's different ways or perspectives. Patel and Beatty should resolve their conflict by learning to accept each other's ways or ideas.

Advantages.People at workplace get to trust each other.

Compromising helps individuals work peacefully.

Disadvantages.Some people may take advantage and mislead the other party.


Collaborating is a conflict resolution strategy where parties involved come to a common decision. It requires communication and cooperation from both sides to come up with a better solution. It helps generate new ideas and offers a chance for integration of needs and consensus. Patel and beauty should sit down and discuss the best method to use when forecasting sales and profits. They do not have to follow the companys traditional way, and Patel should have an open mind towards new methods.


Help generate new ideas.

Parties work as team members.


Unrealistic ideas may be brought up.


Accommodating agrees with another person point of view. It involves agreeing with what the other person says or proposes.


Accommodating brings peace between parties.

It resolves conflicts quickly.


It leads to hatred between parties especially when one person does not agree with what the other thinks.

Systematic Approach.A systematic approach is an approach that you create and follow a structured and predetermined process to achieve resolution. It requires establishing steps to follow with the specific goal of resolution in mind.


It ensures both parties are comfortable.

It ensures peace prevails for long.

It makes parties reflect about their actions.


It takes time because a follow up has to be done in future


The best style to resolve the conflict is systematic since it allows follow up. Schein should get Patel and Beatty in a private place to enable conflict resolution. He should ask each to provide a written statement describing the situation in their words in advance. These statements will give Schein an insight into the possible causes of the conflict. During the session, Schein should let each one of them tell their side of the story without interruption, then analyze the dispute according to individual perspective and develop solutions. Lastly, he should do a follow up on a set future date to see if the solutions are working It is important for Schein to remember that as the Human Resource manager, his role in conflict resolution is a mediator. He must remain impartial and avoid siding with either party especially in situations where he feels one side is right or wrong. Schein should also remind Patel and Beatty that hostility at the workplace is unacceptable because it eventually affects the company's operation leading to losses.


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