How a Child Upbringing Can Affect the Child Cognitive and Behavioral Development?

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Child development is always affected by the environment in which the child grows and the relationship between the child and the parents. There is a significant gap in studies that seek to explore how the environment and the relationship between a child and the parents affect the growth, development, and behavior of the child. Parents and people around the child as they grow plays a significant role in the cognitive and psychological development of the child. The above research carried out on the effect of the environment and relationship with the parents to the child behavior have confirmed that parental care and the environment in which a child grows plays a significant role in affecting a child behavior and cognitive abilities. The Meta-analysis will establish the effectiveness of the current counseling procedures ability to improve the environment where the children grow by increasing parental understanding of their role in the child cognitive and behavioral development. Children growing up in dysfunctional families are said to develop psychological and behavioral problems which affect their performance in school and relationship with the other children.

Research Question

What is the relationship between the family environment where a child grows with the child cognitive and emotional development?

Research Design

I would like to use a meta-analysis research design in this study because I am comparing three different studies to establish the relationship between the family environment and a child cognitive and behavioral development. A meta-analysis will be ideal in this situation because of the quantitative study approach used in the articles to be used (Glass et al. 1984). My independent variable is the parental care derived from a functional family whereas the dependent variable in this study will be the cognitive and behavioral development of a child. For this study, I will use articles from three different scenarios with the aim of creating an in-depth understanding of the different issues that affect the cognitive and behavioral development of a child and how they differ. The use of the three articles in the Meta-analysis will also be important in promoting

To reduce bias in this study, I will choose to use two identical families in each case with a similar setting which will reduce bias (Cooper, 2016). The parents of the children profile will be similar in each case with the aim of reducing the environmental bias in the study. I would like to see if there are gender-related differences. I would administer an initial screening assessment asking about the differences in cognitive behavior in boy children and girl children. Also, I will seek to establish the uniformity of treatment between the boy child and the girl child by the parents and how this relationship can affect the boy child and the girl child cognitive and behavioral development differently.

Issues of Ethics

This study will potentially further knowledge and further the understanding of how a child upbringing can affect the child cognitive and behavioral development. I would make sure that the identities of the parents and families used by the authors remain anonymous with the aim of maintaining their privacy and confidentiality. This ethical precaution will play a significant role in promoting the acceptability of the study results as well as promoting the acceptability of the study results. It will also be appropriate to educate the participating families on the study how this research will of help in enhancing the understanding of the effect of parental care and environment on a child cognitive and behavioral development.

Before the onset of the study, it will be an ethical obligation also to seek the consent of the authors of the studies to be used because they are copyright protected. The study will also only report facts identified in other studies and exclude all the possibilities of assumptions and generalization which will reduce the possible bias in the study. Because this study is a meta-analysis, there are no possible ethical risks instead the study will only increase the understanding of existing knowledge of the studies carried out by many authors in different scenarios (Cohen, 2016).


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