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What if people had easy access to health services, affordable health care and lived healthier lives? Growing up in Saudi Arabia made me aspire to a career in the health sector so as to help my fellow citizens attain access to health care services and at affordable rates. The impact that effective health administration can have on aiding people to achieve their full potential, goals, and improving their lives always attracts me. I always look forward to an opportunity to help people increase their confidence levels and gain complete independence. I want to be part of such a diverse and rewarding career of helping people in my Saudi Arabia country make progress in their lives.

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Enrolling for a bachelors degree in physical therapy at my college level contributed to fulfilling my dreams. It was a significant step forward in understanding the health care field and the things it entails. It increased my knowledge of medicine and on the functioning of the complex equipments that are the main driving factors of the medical sector. The medical sector increasingly dominates the world in which we currently live. What could be of more fulfilling nature in the world than studying about how to take care and save peoples lives?

My interest was further confirmed by the experience gained by working closely with physical therapists in my previous and present work fields. My volunteer and shadowing work in an elderly home plus that in outpatient and inpatient facilities is a significant step towards a achieving my goals of making a positive impact to peoples lives. I spent time shadowing staff from a group of pediatric therapists on various occasions. I got a valuable insight into the different ways the therapists work. I gained skills on how physical therapists use equipment, knowledge, and exercises to help people lead a healthy life.

My subjects provided me with an excellent basis for studying at degree level. They taught me the need to be logical and as well as equipping me with evaluative and research skills. Social care and health have taught me about tissues, cells, organs, and the interrelation of body systems. I hope to develop further knowledge in that area by enrolling in a Ph.D. program in health administration. I believe efficient health care management plays a critical role in the development of a nation.

A healthy population translates to increased productivity which is a component of economic development. Having served in the volunteer health sector, I gained necessary skills in patient relations and interactions that are the key to ensuring their satisfaction. The skills will be very helpful in achieving my long-term career goals. I hope to spend most of my life serving patients in a clinic or residential facility in one of the Saudi Arabias cities. It will enable me serve and deal closely with the patients to help them stabilize emotionally for a successful recovery.

I am a highly motivated, flexible, efficient team player and builder with excellent interpersonal skills. I always enjoy interacting with people and consider myself a good listener. I firmly believe in the value of strong work ethic as essential to achieving ones dreams and aspirations. I look forward to a continuation of the past times and my natural hunger for success suits me to studying health administration at Ph.D. level.

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