Review of Journals About Social Work and Nursing

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Lowe, J., & Gibson, S. (2011). Reflections of a homeless population's lived experience with substance abuse. Journal of Community Health Nursing, 28 (2), 92-104.

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The study of this journal was aimed at bringing to the limelight how homeless people of different age bracket struggled with substance abuse. The data used was collected from 75 people from diverse background with different personalities and behaviors. They were homeless and participating in community programs. They were interviewed on issues concerning employment, substance abuse, marital status, how it was to be homeless and having a family in the streets. The singles were asked on how hard it was to get partners that were willing to get them out of their current situation. Their family was a place of concern on how they related with them in general. Additionally, their psychiatric history, age, religion, was also included in the interview.

The source brought into my attention the need for people to come together and help the homeless. I had the impression that substance abuse among the homeless was a way of leisure. However I realized that their substance use is as a result of mental stress and a way of getting attention in the streets. I realized having a home is therefore a basic need. Thus, the government support and encourage homeless program that encourage and support them socially and mentally.

I could not help but wonder how it felt to be homeless. For a person who has never at any given point been out in the streets with no food, family, and sanitation it can be very traumatizing and heartbreaking. The thought of how they survived day in day out is worrying.

I wondered what goes on in their minds. I have come to realize the reason why they are engaged in criminal activities is to feed themselves. The thought of wealthy people in the society who have a lot of money and do nothing to help the homeless. It takes one person to bring change in the society. Therefore, the government and society at large have the responsibility to ensure that the issue of homeless families is minimized

Rosenberg, B. (2012). Social work and the Jewish community. Journal of Jewish Communal Service, 87(1/2), 216.

For many years degree in social work within Jewish community was considered as one of the very best courses and would often be taken as a loop hole to successful and perfect career life. The Jewish people considered it as a must have discipline which ensured that one had a good career at stake, even the government and organizations supported and were interested in the course. However, that has changed over time and today social work is not given priority as before. The upcoming generation is being reluctant on the need to have this discipline as their career choice. This is due to the increase in various arrays of disciplines and the fact the today entrepreneurship is on the rise. Unfortunately, social work can still be of great use to the Jewish organization. This is because Jews comprises of immigrantsand community organization is a main issue in Jewish community.

My perspective on social work has always been based on volunteer work. The course is not given much attention by the Jews evenwhen they need it more. This is because they are more focused on other disciplines that are more marketable forgetting their societal responsibilities. Moreover, it will affect their way of living and their community at large.

This journal however has changed my way of thinking as it has brought to my attention the need for people to think more of the importance of helping the community in terms of change rather than being money oriented.

I could not help but wonder what will happen to this generation if we do not uphold the discipline of social work. It will slowly and gradually go down the drain and become a thing of the past. If the current situation continues we might end up with a community full of money oriented people without social values.

Arieli, D., Mashiach, M., Hirschfeld, M. J., & Friedman, V. (2012). Cultural safety and nursing education in divided societies. Nursing education perspectives, 33(6), 364-368.

The journal tries to explore the experiences of cultural safety among nursing students from majority and minority groups in an academic nursing program in Israel. Questionnaires were used as researching method with seventeen statements concerning social relations between faculty, students and the effect of social relation on academic satisfaction. The Arab students perceived faculty attitude and social relation as less positive than Jewish. However, the Arab students perceived cultural safety as having greater influence on academic satisfaction and success.

The journal indicates that students from various society will perceive the same shared reality in significantly different ways. Therefore, the nursing faculty and administration need to ensure that perception is brought into closer alignment. It should also ensure that the negative impact of external conflict on feelings of cultural safety is minimized.

After reading the journal I have realized that for a student to achieve academic satisfaction he or she must be comfortable with the surrounding. I think cultural safety should be highly observe in our institutions to ensure that student feel accepted and respected. In addition, the faculty and administrationshould be very concern with various students perspective.

I wonder how it feels to study and yet you feel uncomfortable with several issues. This would affect my self-confidence and level of concentration. It would be hard for me to achieve academic satisfaction and success if my cultural safety is not observed by the school administration or faculty.

Libow, L. S. (2014). The birth of geriatrics in America. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 62(7), 1369-1376.

The journal focuses on how old patients are treated in medical institutions. The majority of medical staff demonstrate negative attitudes toward elderly adults. Thus, demonstrating the atmosphere was their unrealized fear of getting old. This is because older adults are seen as less worthy and they take a lot of time. Libow observes how geriatrics holds a promising relief from many in areas of ignorance, bias and inadequate use of medical skills. Thus he established a geriatric medical program for medical staffs which was very successful. He discovered that the life insurance for lighter weight and greater mortality was validated. Moreover, Libow was pleased with how immigrants were linked to survival stories of elderly adults. He came up with various scientific explanation as to why old adults explaining why they go through certain syndromes.

The geriatrics is greatly improving in American hospitals. This is because of the change of perspective by various medical staff such as Libow. However, before this changes the elderly felt unworthy and immigrant took the initiative to take care of them. With this great changes various discovery were made that ensured that the elderly were more catered for by medical staffs in the hospital.

I have realized how the old adults feel left out in various medical facilities. I think it our responsibility to ensure that the elderly in our society are taken care of and dont lack basic needs. Additionally, different program should be develop to ensure they are not left out in hospitals.

I wonder how it feels to be denied your right when you are weak. It is very traumatizing because you cannot speak out when you are down. At this point you hope to get a little care no matter the situation.

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