Thompsons and Marquis Opinions on Abortion: Research Essay

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Thompsons Take on Abortion

According to Thompson, there are times when undergoing the entire pregnancy term will require a good Samaritanism act of the mother. She feels that it would be wrong and indecent if a woman asks to perform an abortion just because she doesn’t want to delay her trip abroad as much as it would be indecent for the doctor to perform that abortion. Thompson gives three instances that she feels would be okay for a woman to procure an abortion without being condemned. One of those instances is rape. Being raped is horrible and traumatized, it would be hard for a woman to keep the pregnancy, give birth, and see the seed of the rape for the rest of her life. Thompson uses the experiment of a violinist being attached to one's kidney for survival for nine months without the right of bodily integrity being respected with a notion that the violinists right to life is more important (Rader).

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The second instance is where the mothers life is in danger. She explains this by using the violinist too, supposing the violinist is plugged to your kidney and then you are told that you will die after a month it should be permissible to unplug the violinists to save the mothers life. So Thompson argues that in cases where the mothers life is in danger, abortion should be legalized instead of choosing the child life over the mother (Rader). The third instance that Thompson feels that abortion should be allowed is if the mother had attempted to prevent the pregnancy but failed. She says that, if one had burglar proofed their house and there is a fault with the burglar bars used and a burglar ends up getting access to the house, that doesn’t give them the right to stay. According to her, a mother should be allowed to terminate a pregnancy if she had used preventive measures to avoid it but it got pregnant anyway

Why Abortion is Immoral According to Marquis?

Marquis says that killing is wrong because it brutalizes the killer, affects other people who cared about the deceased, and it deprives the deceased of the chance to see their future, experiences, and life enjoyment. Marquis also says that killing is the worst thing that one could to a person even those with terminal illnesses believe that dying and losing their future is bad. Abortion is wrong just like killing and should not be justified (Rader). However, if the consequences of the pregnancies are great then abortion could be permitted. He argues that a fetus deserves to have a future and being killed (aborted) means denying them a chance to their future value and that abortion is immoral.

My Opinion on Abortion

My point of view on the issue of abortion is that it should not be legalized or illegalized. This is because legalizing abortion would mean its just okay to get pregnant and get rid of as one pleased or that ones life could be in danger and lose their life because their life depended on ab abortion and it couldn’t be carried out because it was illegal. The best thing to do would be to make the issue of abortion very protected. Just the way a person cannot walk into a hospital all healthy and be allowed to donate their heart, there should be strict measures before an abortion is procured. This would ensure that abortions are procured to save a life and in cases of rape. People should not be allowed to have abortions anytime they feel like it, or because of unplanned pregnancies. Instead, people should learn how to take safety measures or even abstain when they do not intend to have children because abortion is killing and killing is both a sin and a crime. The unborn baby deserves to be born and get a chance to live and explore their potentials.

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