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The Social Network Movie premiered the movie industry on October 1, 2010, in the United States. The film is built around a young man Mark Zuckerberg, who founded Facebook at an early age of 20s. In the movie, the founder of Facebook, Jesse Eisenberg, is displayed as Mark Zuckerberg and as indeed the central character. Other actors include Andrew Garfield acting as Eduardo, Armie Hammer as Cameron/Tyler, Max Minghella as Divya, Rooney Mara as Erica, Justin Timberlake as Sean, and Rashida Jones as Marilyn. The 120 minutes movie was directed by an outstanding individual David Fincher, and the screenwriter was Aaron Sorkin. The film is rated 13 years of age for the reason of sexual content, drug and substance abuse as well as the language used in the movie. Taken from the book "The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook, A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius, and Betrayal" by Ben Mezrich's (2009), the film is an American biographical drama film.

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Plot Summary

This movie starts with Ericas date with Zuckerberg. As he sips through his beer nervously, Zuckerberg talks in a rather speedy and aggressive manner to Erica. Bored and bemused by the interrogation, Erica is fed up with Zuckerberg, abuses him and storms out of the meeting. However, this moment is an appropriate one for Zuckerberg as he goes home and starts hacking at the internet walls of the Harvard dorms and gets pictures of women. Later on, he programs a web page where the screen shots of the women can be rated based on their beauty. The popularity of the program increases as more campus people visit the site and evaluates the women crashing all the campus servers. Further, Zuckerberg grows it into "thefacebook". in consultation with his friends, he eventually agrees to change the program to Facebook omitting the article "the".

Although Zuckerberg is famed as the founder of Facebook, he nevertheless, did no do it alone. Rather, he did it with a team including the twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, who believe that Zuckerberg infringed on their intellectual property rights by stealing their idea of "Harvard Connection" in making Facebook. Therefore, Zuckerberg finds himself fighting two separate lawsuits. Eduardo Saverin is the only friend that Zuckerberg has and who was made the Chief Finance Officer of the company. Sean Parker is the one who founded the two legendary web startups, Napster, and Plaxo. His benefits to Facebook are seen when he advises Zuckerberg on why the company should be moved to silicon valley as the headquarters. The general purpose of the movie is to show the interaction of undergraduate chaos, enormous amounts of money, and manic energy as well as the issues involved in establishing oneself- there are too many enemies and few friends.


The movie is a proper example of the contemporary acting era; displaying the effects of big dreams and business, greed and betrayal as the cornerstones of the film. The actors make the issues of computer programming seem so comfortable than they are. From the start to the finish, an individual will notice that the movie is a masterpiece. Zuckerberg is displayed as a snobby sophomore at Harvard University. When he breaks up with his cute girlfriend Erica, he is left with something to prove. The actors starring in the movie are just exceptional. Concerning the direction, Fincher directs the film with passion and relentlessly paces the film. The script has been brilliantly structured by Aaron Sorkin ensuring that there is no time wasted between dialogues. Additionally, the screenwriter ensures that neither the audience nor the characters have any time to breathe. There is no single scene in the movie that is wasted, and the film keeps moving ahead with great momentum. The incredible quality of the scenes is one of those special features that can be noticed. Concisely, the acting and directing of the film was professionally done to display the highest levels of digital camera use and the aesthetic example of proper digital cinema. The writer of the script did his homework very well in establishing the complication of computer programming and trying to make it simple for the sake of the audience.

The setting of the movie is in a university where all sorts of people are expected to be visiting. As such, there is an exchange of knowledge among the influential people that Zuckerberg had a connection with. The moody cinematography paints of Jeff Cronenweth presents the scene as a crime one but which is well lit. The setting of the film indeed displays the nature of modern life in the university where the issue of intellectualism is mixed with money and drugs. The costumes worn are not the traditional but rather the revealing ones that are used today. However, they very well match with the setting and purpose of the movie. The soundtracks are just exceptional. Precisely, the film begins with The White Stripes' song "Ball and Biscuit". This song blends very well with the theme of the movie. The movie then ends with The Beatles' song "Baby, You're a Rich Man. the scorers of the film Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross are great in their work. The soundtracks are very effective as they are very much blended with the theme of the movie both in the beginning and at the end of the film. Indeed, all the features of the movie are exemplary and professionally conducted.

To conclude, Social Network movie is an excellent film that presents the journey, which Zuckerberg had to take before he established Facebook, a social application that is very popular today. The movie has shown the interaction of intellect, money, energy, and sex. The various characters that star in the film were well graced for the occasion. They brought out the best that could emerge from the movie. Credit goes to the director and scriptwriter as they produced a master class that juxtaposes the digital camera with the digital cinema era. The nature of directing, avoiding the wastage of any scenes makes the movie tremendous. Additionally, the setting in a university shows the contemporary life of campus life. Indeed, the soundtracks blended very well with the theme of the film. The costumes worn are synonymous with the nature of having money at a young age just as Zuckerberg did. However, his lack of love for drugs and sex is a lesson for many young billionaires in the world. From those terrific features, I would rate the movie excellent and an example of producing great movies for the future producers.

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