Fourth Party System, and Liberalism under the Fifth Party System.

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The progressive movement of the fourth party system was the term that was conspicuously practical with the Republicans during 1996-1932. It is incumbent to note that it was the period that the Americans were experiencing the Civil war and most and were working towards Reconstruction and abolition of Jim Crow. The Republicans felt that the Democrats had held the House for eight years consecutively and for that reason tie wanted to take a paradigm shift on that matter. The Great Depression period led to the birth of Fifth Party System. On the other hand the Liberalism or what is being referred to as Fifth Party system came as result of the dynamisms in the former system. However, it is important to note that system was dominated by the Democrats and it also saw a lot of transformative measures being put in place. Roosevelt Franklin ascended to power under the Democrats party and initiated a lot of changes that were to be of great help to the nation. There were innumerable issues that were raised just to highlight a few are; elections of senators ought to be direct and immigration issues amongst other notable issues related to the economy of the state.

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Describe and explain the Monroe Doctrine and Manifest Destiny. How did these two schools of thought shape American Imperialism at the beginning of the 20th Century?

The Monroe doctrine was a principle that was advanced by Monroe James the then president of United States of America at around 1823. The Doctrine was aimed at stopping European power from interfering or meddling with Americas issues. Monroe alongside his secretary Quincy worked for this policy so as to shape the structure of Americans and restore sanity. The major advocacies according to this doctrine were to make some separate sphere of influence on America which was to see it expanding its territorial influence. Contrary to this, Manifest Destiny was a belief that was strongly held by settlers to further move towards the North and making America a vast state. This belief was strongly supported by the Democrats. However, the minority group led by Abraham Lincoln was against this view because he saw it as segregate means and only empowering few rich at the expense of the great numbers of Americas who were of middleclass. Nonetheless, the Monroe declarations were merged with the Manifest Destiny in the mid eighteen hundreds. This was geared towards expanding American Continent. Moreover, military personnel later on enforced Monroes Declaration and at latter stage it was fully implemented and adopted.

Describe and explain any three historical incidents of the Colonial / Federalist Eras (i.e. from 1609 to 1800) that led to the US Policy on Native Americans from the administration of Andrew Jackson onward

Public policies and political platforms have been shaped over a long period of time. This will be clearly enumerated below in the following chronological events of the political party system and its relevancy to the current political system. The first party system was characterized by Federalist and Democratic Republics part that was led by Jefferson. However, the Republicans dominated the one party system under John Monroe. In the second Party system, the Democratic-Republic Split into two groups as evident in the following case. There are those who rallied support for Adams and those for Jackson. The National Republican was formed in support of Quincy Adams; however, it did not last. During the third party system, Republicans had gained impetus and had the dominant majority. For the fourth party system, Republicans were still on the echelon however, the presidency was clinched by a Democrat. Lastly, in the fifth party system, the Democrats under the leadership of Roosevelt took over the presidency in 1932. This position was maintained by Democrats up to 1960s. It is incumbent to note that this system of party is healthy and is still adopted in America.

4. Describe and explain any three historical incidents of the Colonial / Federalist Eras (i.e. from 1609 to 1800) that led to the US Policy on Native Americans from the administration of Andrew Jackson onward

There are tremendous historical changes that are evident in America since 17th century to the 19th century. In the 17th century, Charter of privileges was adopted to tolerate everyone within the territorial influence of America. Later on some major changes were evident in industrialization sector whereby the State adopted the use of coal which saw the nation achieving great things realized in t nation. However, at the close of 1800s, major treaties were signed. The dominant one is the Indian Treaties that were strongly supported by General Andrew Jackson. This was aimed at displacing the Indians from their land to pave way for the Americans to settle. Jackson convinced the Congress to support that motion which became applicable in 1830.

5.Name Ten (10) concepts, issues, or philosophies from the various areas of American History. Name the aspect, and describe it providing a detailed explanation.

There are notable philosophies in America namely;

Federalism was feasible during the quest for federal government in US. It is philosophical move that saw some people defecting and forming some political parties. Liberalism is a move or school of philosophy that was geared towards liberating the slaves and totally abolished the Jim Crow policy. Abraham Lincoln championed for abolition of slavery which was majorly carried out in the North America.

Transcendentalism is a philosophy that was aimed at determines the life of human being in stages. These stages are very significant to human being as they are destined to transcend from one level to another. Structuralism is a concept that was developed by Ferdinand and later gained impetus through the efforts of Noam Chomsky an American linguist. This primarily analyzes different structures in any given language. Language is an important tool that is used by politician to advance their policies and manifestos.

Pragmatism is a philosophical view that is aimed at ascertaining the truth of a concept and its feasibility. It was later on fully developed by Dewey. The concepts of Dewey are still applicable to date. Phenomenology- this assess the conscious of a person. It is a principal that allows one to fully concentrate on what is aiming at getting.

Idealism is a concept that was developed by ancient Greek philosopher to ascertain the ideal nature of matter in our Gaia. Realism; it is the philosophical school that is concerned with reality. It is more or less connected with the essentialism. Through its adoption, Americans have been able to realize a lot of goals in their endeavors. Psychologism- it is a philosophical view that majorly deals with analytical of a concept or matter at hand that needs some critical thinking and decision making to be judiciously employed. Logism is a principle of argument and presenting facts in a logical way. It is mostly applicable in the Congress.

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