Fear in Our Mind

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I define fear as an emotion; a feeling that originates from deep within our body system due to a change in our surroundings or environment. Fear can be perceived as a distressing feeling due to a disturbing situation within ourselves. In most cases, fear results in emotional pain, which affects the proper functioning of the mind. When I say I have a certain apprehension, it means I am afraid of something or someone because that thing or someone possibly possesses a certain danger to me.

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Fear in mind, therefore, is an emotion originating from the mind and is registered in the mind either permanently or temporarily and is caused by a given situation. It is crippling because one lives not knowing what to expect in the future or not even sure of the happenings around one's surrounding. The mind can register and create unpleasant images of a scenario in the mind, hence creating fear.

Fear is registered by previous or daily occurrences in a persons life. If for example, someone attacked me on my way home from school at night, my mind will record that and in the near future develop a fear of walking at night. If for instance, I lost a relative through a fire incidence then automatically my mind registers that, and I can develop fear of fires.

Fear in the mind has its own pros and cons. Some of the cons include: Making one anxious thus, ends up limiting performance. It leads to an underperformance and hinders how one carries out their daily activities. If I have fear in something or any activity that is done that particular thing, then I cannot carry it out until I have fully overcome that particular apprehension.

Sometimes, fear can be viewed as a weakness or an ailment. Psychologists categorize fear of mind into two: as a hallucination of the mind or as insanity. The moment someone thinks that one is hallucinating, their impression on you shifts and you are thought to be insane or unstable emotionally. Such a situation may hinder a person from getting employment or perhaps can be denied the chance to handle a certain position.

In as much as there are cons the fear of mind also has some pros: It helps a person to avoid dangerous places and activities that may be harmful or dangerous. Once fear is registered in the mind of a person, then the wiliness and ability to face it become powerless. The person, therefore, loses control over the fear and cannot overcome it. It helps them to keep away from danger and people who might have triggered it in the mind.

Fear of the mind triggered by future occurrences helps people to be careful about todays circumstances to avoid failures and regrets in the future. Such fear has help people to be more careful and keen on how they handle their current situation to prevent failure in the future.

Fear in the mind can be overcome. Every person has the power to face fear and come out triumphantly. Additionally, fear is not a permanent condition. Once a person becomes comfortable with it, they can move forward and operate through it. All they need is to be positive and be able to face them.

Fear being an emotion or feeling triggered in the mind is as a result of certain situations in our lives. It helps and motivates us to be cautious of our daily doings while on the other hand triggers negativity from within. Fear in the mind is not a permanent condition. It is not a product of life and therefore should not hinder a person from living a perfect and normal life.

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