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The family where I come from is composed of three, one brother and one sister. I am the second in a family of three. My father is a real estate development, and he is very strict when it comes to matters of the family. My mother who is a business woman hardworking and she tries her level best to provide us with what we need. My elder brother is married with one kid. I and my siblings are in various learning institutions, and this has been made possible with the concerted efforts of my mother and my father (McPhail, 2012). We live as a family, and we have not been encountering major problems. Our parents have taught us how to live as brothers and sisters and respect anyone even if he or she is not one our family members. Furthermore, we also live with our grandmother who is much generous and she has been telling us stories whenever we are at home.

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Establishment of rules in our family

The most important threat that holds our family together is the love that we have towards each other. Love has been very important in our family because it enables us to live in peace and stability. Because our parents have taught us to live as brothers and sisters and understand that we are members of one family, we have been in the position to live harmoniously. The love has enabled us to embrace each other as members of one family and is very significant for ensuring that we build a strong bond towards each other. Thus, whenever one of us encounters any problem, we as a family assist him or her. Furthermore, each of our family members understands his or her responsibility, and this has made it possible for each one of us to execute his or her assigned tasks without delay. However, the majority of the rules we follow in our family established our father who is the head of the family.

Unwritten boundaries that exist in our family

The varied cultural differences in our family are attributed to the different cultural backgrounds where my parents come from. My mother comes from a different cultural background from that of my father. To add to the cultural differences in our family, both my parents from the old school where things are done in an old version. For example, they have an old mode of relationship, dressing and also the way they engage in work (McPhail, 2012). This has made my siblings and I have cultural differences from my parents since we are in a digital generation and we do things in a digital way.

Relationship with people who are not related to our family and how they compare with us

We have different ways of living, and it is difficult for anyone from a different family to follow our rules and regulations. We believe in togetherness as a family, and a member of different family might not be believing in such an idea (McPhail, 2012). We also respect other people, and our family rules and regulations bind us together something that might not be present in other families.

How to handle conflict with people

Conflict managed is the core responsibility of every member of our family. My father believes in fewer family conflicts, and that is why it has been hard for our family members to engage in conflicts. We are taught how to manage conflicts as this is very significant for living harmoniously.


McPhail, D. (2012). The family tree. New York: Henry Holt.

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