Failures at the University

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Higher learning is very important to the lives of almost everybody especially teenagers. It is at the university that most lives are decided through the careers that one chooses to major in. Therefore, most lives are framed at the university. However, most learning challenges are faced at the university; these challenges often lead to the failure of most students within various topics and areas of study. Some of the major challenges within these institutions include drug abuse, prostitution and criminology among other weird practices that students engage in because of peer pressure. My case had no difference from this, the engagement in drug abuse and criminology within the university actually resulted from peer pressure. Through my friends pieces of advice, I engaged in the use of illegal drugs such as bhang and cocaine. Later I participated in certain criminal acts like stealing. These were the major causes of my failure in the semester.

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During that time, I blindly obeyed my friends ill behaviors and abandoned my studies completely. We had no time to study; all we focused on was the search for the drugs and organizing for various criminal activities within the university. We would spend the whole day, even without sleeping, doing nothing except criminal acts like stealing and doing the drugs. Meanwhile, other students were busy studying, but all we could do was to disturb them. Had I known what all these were leading me to, I would have avoided these people seriously. All this time I should have been in class studying alongside the other students. I should have excused myself from such friends and focus on my studies. In addition, I should have declined the use of drugs at all cost; drug abuse was the genesis of all the evil activities I took part within the school instead of learning. My participation in the criminal activities such as stealing was so uncalled for; it had no benefit at all to my life.

From this experience, I learnt that peer pressure if not controlled in time can be very dangerous and harmful in the life of a teenager especially at the university or any higher learning institution. Furthermore, from this experience I realized that one should be able to take control of his or her characters rather than doing things because of others. As a teenager, one should identify the good and bad activities to engage in by themselves having in mind that their activities at that time is likely to define their future. To show that I am responsible for my failure at the university, I have decided to refrain from all the evil acts and concentrate on my studies. I am ready to repeat the semester as well. I am prepared to work hard in my studies to prove that I can be successful. During this time I will no longer keep bad company, I will avoid the bad friends and their actions through any means possible as long as I remain focused on my studies.

In future if I find myself in such a situation again, I will seek guidance immediately by sharing it to my lecturers, parents and the church leaders. Nevertheless, to avoid entirely such situations, I will focus on my studies. When focused there would be no time enough to engage in such activities but instead studying. From the situation I learnt that we should focus on our studies and avoid any academic destructors at all cost since we might lose focus on our studies. Moreover, I realized that higher education defines our future lives and should be taken very seriously. If all that is taken into consideration, such situations would be avoided in future. Additionally, I also feel that parents and lecturers should regularly check on the students to minimize such scenarios.

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