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Riyadh City is the largest town in Saudi Arabia at the same time the capital city of the country. The location of the city is in the southern Najd region. The city has a population of about 8 million people. I believe my city is the most intriguing and influential in the whole of the Middle East with a conservative and sombre atmosphere despite the many cars and everyday continuous construction activities. It serves as a home to many cultures, modern hotels in conjunction with high rise hotels. The official language spoken is Arabic with a few people speaking in English and French. 100% percent of the members are Muslims. The area occupied by the city is 4900 km squared.

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I have lived in Riyadh city since childhood with my family. The city is responsible for defining my destiny which I must say that it is a promising one. A few individuals have a perception and criticize that the city is insufficient and some speculating that it is not among the best place. It is not true, and I can re-assure them that I have in many years enjoyed staying in the city, and it is the best place ever. All my worst and best memories of childhood date back in this town. Almost all of my friends come from this city, and we adore and treasure the city, and in unison, we can still defend it as being the backbone of our success in life. I value friendship, and indeed I believe in the adage that no man is an island that is, you can never stand alone. Friendship has been not only a key to my success, but also part and parcel of my experiences in the city. I have never thought of living the city at any given moment of my life. The place is equivalent to a paradise.

With the company of my friends, we always go for entertainment on every weekend. Such as sky bridge at Kingdom Centre and Al Masmak fort. Visiting such places has enabled us to proceed with the building up of our friendship. On such occasions, we always share a lot about our weekly experiences and encourage each other on the same. I must say that I enjoy getting in touch with me since childhood friends. We have been in a position to explore and embrace a variety of cultures. As a result of this, we are always in conflict with the police whom I remember they had chased us uncountable times when we were found dressed in shorts and sleeveless shirts which remain prohibited in the city. Breaking rules are something that actually with my friends, we always found ourselves doing it either knowingly or unknowingly due to the conservative nature of the city.

My family is a huge family made up of nine members. We have always been in good terms and worked together since my childhood. Family relationship and the ties it holds has put us together despite the unwavering obstacles that we have always encountered. I am still residing with my parents, and they have always supported me not only physically but emotionally too. Whenever I faced challenges, they have always helped, guided and encouraged me to develop a sense of belonging. We go shopping and to the mosque together. Whenever I am going somewhere, I rarely leave home without the company of one or two of my family members. My family, in general, happens to be a loving, caring, supportive, generous and kind family.

Since I was born in this city, all my childhood activities to date have taken place here. Although my parents were against fighting, indeed I have given them a very hard time. I used to be arrogant and naughty, fighting and bullying my juniors was amongst the spirits in me. I could hardly understand the importance of love until I grew up was when I embraced the advantages of friendship although we are still at par even with my friends to whom we were arch rivals during childhood. I have schooled in this town. I go to the mosque near Al- Bath-aa on Fridays for worshiping. Also, all my relatives are here in the city, in fact, we stay at a proximity to our relatives at a distance of a stone throw. We always visit each other, and we always have an annual celebration together where we slaughter several goats and eat together as a sign of solidarity.

I always visit numerous places and features that make the city to surpass any other city in existence during vacations and holidays. Such areas include; Al-Bathaa which is a home to the GPO and the west is the Museum that constitutes all the archaeological and historical sites. It also contains jewellery, clothes, musical instruments, Islamic architecture, and weapons used in the ancient times. Sometimes when I am bored I go to; Riyadh Zoo, Murabba Palace, and As-Sufaat for entertainment purposes.

To sum up, Riyadh city is my city where I was born and still brought up from here. According to me, it is the most favourite place on earth in existence. I have uncompromised reasons as to why I declare the city to be the best, to name a few they include the following; I understand every part of the town in details. I know the various entertainment areas where I can go to entertain myself. I am also knowledgeable about the specific areas that I can visit for governmental services. I can also find anything that I need without any struggle and last, but not least the whole vicinity of the city has just been a pleasing adventure.

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