Lessons Obtained from Taking a Disaster Management Course

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When I was a kid, I yearned to go to school, make friends, and enjoy each day as it came. However, as I grew up, I developed an attitude of hating anything that required my thinking and seriousness. Even so, I knew that learning- through hard work was the only way I could be complete. Today, I am undoubtedly more learnt than I was ten years ago. Another ten years from now, I am sure that I will be better. Notably, Learning is a journey that starts when one is born; it is a means to an end and not an end in itself. An essential importance of academic learning is to understand the concepts and be able to apply them in your future activities. Historically, my learning experience dates back to the time that I started taking a course in disaster management. Per se, this regular course was to enable me to have a better response when a disaster struck. In the words of my lecturer, disaster management was the only guarantee of safety.

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My experience in this course has been not only fascinating but also exciting. The interesting part of the course was the moment the lecturer stepped inside the classroom to give us the lecture of the day. From the look on his face, he too was prepared for disaster. His dressing, walking style, and mode of talking depicted a person who knew what he was doing and indeed, knew how to do it. The same case applied to my peers who were part of the course. They did not take any chances; they were also prepared for any eventuality that might have occurred. This commitment, dedication and seriousness that were exhibited but the students and lecture alike were great. It is from this course that I realized that learning is not a theoretical aspect- it is practical and real. This way, it becomes extremely enjoyable since it not only focuses on the theoretical parts of concepts but more importantly, their practical side. Concisely, learning is not for the fainthearted but those with an active and open mind. Further, it may not be the easy path to success, but definitely, it is the best.

One of my peers used to warn me that success in academic learning does not given but earned. Every idea that I gained each day would be treasured in the end. From this, I developed the attitude of gauging how practical a concept is before I could judge its importance. The most helpful of this experience was the concepts that we exchanged with my peers as well as the practical disaster management skills that I got from the whole experience. More importantly, I learnt that we do not study to pass the assessments but rather to apply the concepts in the time of utmost need. This experience completely changed my perception towards academic learning. Before, I used to look at learning from the angle of tedious, time-consuming lectures that resulted in mind-blowing assessment questions, which had, no practical relevance in my life. However, after taking this course, I began to perceive learning as a progressive agenda that grows me intellectually and makes me better prepared for the eventualities of the future. Indeed, I can confidently attest that learning has changed my thinking and perception of concepts and circumstances.

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