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Love is a wonderful thing. Everyone at a particular point in their lives has experienced how beautiful it is to be loved or to love someone. Love that is shared between a man and a woman is very strong; it is from love that the institution of marriage came forth. If we all take a minute and think about the magnitude of love we will just be amazed by how strong it is. However anything that can is said to be beautiful also has its ugly side. Love can be dangerous, intimidating, painful, and scary and in some instances it also becomes life threatening. This is where love addiction comes in.

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Love addiction can basically be described as the overdependence of a person to a partner, romance or sex (American physiological society, 2010). Love addiction cannot be restricted to the endless cycle of looking for love, some people become addicts by not allowing themselves to experience love with the fear of not wanting to be close to someone, this eventually leads them to a cycle of moving from one person to another in the name of having fun. (Steve, 2010). When a partner is constantly hurting the other partner but one finds it hard to let go each time there is a problem. That is basically a red flag that can be leading to love addiction.

Love addiction has over the years has developed to a level that has left many worried, men and women are willing to end lives in the name of love. Cases of love triangles gone badly have become very rampant in the society today. (American physiological society, 2010). It is all over in the news, men and women who find themselves on the other side of the law for threating their partners or eventually killing them. Cases of murder in the love scene can be said to be caused by a number of factors.

Infidelity, were one partner has sexual relations with another person, this is normally hurt breaking. Unfortunately some people result to kill their partners.

Finances, spouses often help each other financially. (Schaeffer, 1997) It however becomes bad when one partner takes advantage of the other financially. An example of a woman who took a loan from a bank to help out her fiancee. His fiancee later disappeared with the money to live with another woman. This depressed the woman which later caused her to commit suicide

Sexually Transmitted Diseases, with diseases such as HIV. This is viewed by people as a death sentence. HIV is transmitted from one person to another in different ways but the most common way is through sexual intercourse. Majority of the people that are diagnosed with it often contemplate suicide (Schaeffer, 1997). A number of suicide cases have been reported because of this.

There is a very thin line between love and love addiction. We should however be able to distinguish between the two, do not mistaken real love to be an addiction or an addiction for real love (Steve, 2010). It becomes hard for one to know when they are addicted to love. It needs the help of another person for one to know that they are love addicts. Just like drug and substance addicts, they find themselves denying that they need help when they actually need it. It is important for us to be cautious in matters of love; love addiction has proved to be very dangerous to the couples in question. We should therefore be alert and be able to tell when love becomes addictive.


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