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A direct marketing plan refers to the process through which a product is positioned directly to the market. Direct marketing is only successful if the marketer is able to identify the product specific objective, a market segment for the product and also the primary priority for the marketing. It is important to study and establish the consumer characteristics and the best approach to use to woo the clients and new customers to buy the product. Market position of an organization and the product being sold also plays a significant role in direct marketing.

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Television Marketing

Television marketing refers to the use of television as an avenue to communicate product information to consumers. Television marketing uses Ads that have photographic or motion video pictures of the Canon M10 to reach out to the consumers. Television marketing is a very effective means and approach of direct marketing except that it is expensive and it might also be aired at an inconvenient time hence attracting less number of viewers. It is important to position a television Ad during news breaks or before an influential program that is watched by many people to ensure that more people are reached by the information.

Social media marketing

Social media is a leading platform in direct marketing because it provides producers with the liberty to engage with consumers directly through a virtual account having the name of the product through which the producer can send pictures and testimonies of the product. Amongst the leading social media marketing tools include, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. It is important to choose an avenue that will easily reach the target market. Social media marketing is specifically for the young people and also tech savvy individuals.

Digital media

Digital media on the other hand refer to the use of digital tools such as a website, and email advertising to reach out to the target market. A website can be a good avenue of communicating product information to the potential consumers since most people today can easily use computers and android mobile technology. On the other hand, email marketing is the use of previous customer information to communicate regarding a new product.


Promotion is the activity of raising the awareness of a product to the consumers. Promotion is an important avenue to increase the sales of a new product such as Canon M10. Social media has emerged as an important avenue for promotion especially in terms of digital technologies. Facebook is an important avenue for marketing and promoting the new Canon M10. Facebook has a number of platforms that can be used to share the new product to establish market awareness of the product. Social media marketing coupled with the right content message can significantly increase the sales of Canon M10 and also make it possible to stimulate new demand. In Facebook and Instagram creating virtual accounts named Canon M10 can be used to create a platform through which pictures can be shared and also a support system can engage potential buyers who have questions by providing answers.

Point of purchase

A point of purchase refers to a place where Canon M10 sales will be made. It is important to establish strategic points around commercial centers where Canon M10 sales can be made as well as viewing of the actual product. At the point of purchase centers it is important to hire sales people who will engage potential customers and provide relevant information leading to sales.

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