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Subway Shop intends to cater to a large number of teenagers and youngsters in the market. We have taken this group into consideration for various reasons. It is our goal to become an excellent fast food place, and we believe that relying on the age group between 15 and 25 years is the elementary age in which brand-building efforts will be held. The groups are on limited and fixed incomes and look for a value or price relationship that will not strain their budget. Our secondary target is individuals between the ages of 25-37 years. They are usually heavy restaurant users who are more flexible in budgets and look for price relationships that will not strain their budgets. Our meal strategy will be dual purpose. First, we will be featuring sandwiches to fill the individuals craving for fast foods especially lunch which usually involves a quick bite, not a heavy meal. Second, we want to maintain the price point for our meals as fair as possible to achieve a high level of competition with other fast foods outlets. At $5 for a medium sandwich, we are a bit of a segment, but we will be providing much more excitement as compared to the rest of the competition.

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Marketing Strategy of Subway Shop

Our strategy involves excellent service to our market. The Subway Shop will start as a market tester within the area which will then lead to the formation of various outlets in the future. We will concentrate on maintaining quality and forming a strong identity within the local market. A combination of local media and store marketing programs will be applied to promote the awareness of our products. Local store marketing will be most effective, and then a print advert. As soon as the products are well established in the market, the business will then utilize the broader media. We believe that the most form of advertisement is the provision of a fun and energetic environment, with high quality at an affordable price in the clean and healthy shop, making us the talk of the town. Thus, the implementation of our concept is the most important aspect of our plan. We will develop our brand actively; through the provision of supporting materials, like merchandise and promotional equipment and another marketing device same to those applied to other fast foods franchises.

We will use three different marketing techniques to increase awareness of customers of sandwiches. Our most valid tactic is by using word of mouth and in-store marketing. This will form the cheapest and most efficient of our market programs because of the high traffic within our target location. The second technique will be local store marketing. These will form the small budget plan that will give the community support and awareness of our shop. The last marketing effort is through the utilization of the local media. Although this will form the most costly, this tactic will be used to supplement the first two tactics where necessary.

In-Store Marketing

Local Store Marketing

In-store brochures with our concept and philosophy


Wall posters

Free occasional local store events and t-shirts

Design concept

Local Media

Standing signage within malls

Direct mail piece with brochures' sent to the available addresses

Outdoor signage

Local magazines targeting our primary customers

Grand opening promotion

Newspaper campaign

Merchandising items

Formation of a web page with the business philosophy, history, and news.

Personal Selling in Marketing

Personal selling will be one of the techniques that the company will use to attract customers to its premises. This will involve face-to-face talk with the customers persuading them to buy our products, giving them the advantages of our products. The promotion agents will then also listen to the client preferences so as to achieve the highest level of clients satisfaction. The advertisement will also be effective through the use of local media. The products will be advertised by use of local newspapers and magazines on the weekly basis especially during the weekends. Local newspapers are targeted because they are cheap and more accessible to the class. The weekends are preferred since most people buy newspapers during the weekends since they usually come with more information both news and entertainment. Subway will be after the promotion of a positive image with its customers. This will be through the preparation of products according to customers' preferences. To achieve this, sandwiches will be prepared to order with ingredients as per customers’ wishes. This will be towards the maintenance of the client's well-being and health in such a way that prevents allergic reactions to certain ingredients. Furthermore, we will also use social media like Facebook and tweeter as this will allow us to target the youths. Discounts will also be given to bulk orders like for the family.

Importance of Sales in Marketing

Maintenance of high-quality and affordable products will be vital for achieving high levels of sales. The pricing of our products will be as low as $5 which is the average consumer spending for a snack. Sales will be carried out both through cash payments and credit. The credit payments will only apply to the customers who are permanently employed and work on a monthly payment. Orders will also be allowed to be made online on the website owned by the business. The business will thus use agents who will be supplying the ordered products to respective places within the town and offices. The business will also seek contracts for supplying meals to individual companies which will allow for end-month payments carried out by the companies on behalf of the employees.

What Is the Effect of a Good Location on Sales?

The location which is in a strip mall in a traffic area is significant for achievements of high sales for the business. Placing the shop in a traffic area will allow access to individuals passing by on foot. However, those with vehicles will find it difficult to access the shop due to the congestion of the area. Furthermore, most of the highly competitive restaurants are located away from the mall making Subway shop the most convenient fast food supplier within the area around the mall. However, expansion is required in the future to create ample shelter and parking for the customers as some customers may fear getting meals in congested places.

What Is Distribution in Marketing?

The products ordered by the clients will be distributed by the agents. The agents who are supplying products to distant places will thus be provided by a cabin vehicle as a means of transportation to allow for faster distribution of the products. Agents that are supplying meals within the town will be provided with bicycles or may provide the meals by foot depending on the distance. The client will make the order online from the website and effect payments and state his or her location, where then the agent will supply the meals. This online supply will be fresh only in the daytime between 8 am and 4 pm. The agents will be paid $ 10 per hour, and they should be qualified drivers and have skills in maintaining a high level of food hygiene during transportation. These agents will also be trained on good communication skills as this will allow for the maintenance of a positive rapport with the customers. Both cash and credit will be allowed for carrying out the transaction with the business, as long as the client achieves the stated conditions like permanent employment for those who need credit. Furthermore, distribution to institutions like schools and colleges will require the need for the mobile kitchen, which includes a well-equipped lorry. This will be transporting and selling meals to institutions with students required to pay cash on order. The timing will be during breakfasts and lunch within the institutions.

Sale Forecast

We expect the highest peak during the months of November and December in our sales forecast, as these are the months for holidays. These are the times when many individuals visit the area hence increase sales are expected during this period. The business will, therefore, be expected to carry out production as per the trend to avoid wastage of the resources as it believes in providing fresh products. The quantity of the product will thus be increasing on the monthly basis with high production carried out in the months of November and December.

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