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By starting up my new company from the ground, I must be able to attract and retain new customers depending on which type of customers I’m targeting. I should be able to keep up and on top of my customer’s reviews, keep monitoring my brand so that it keeps appealing and remains relevant to them, as well as update the content I have to offer to my customers regularly. I should as well, gather information on the customers that I am targeting in the market so that I can keep at par with them. Therefore, there are a number of marketing strategies Id use, and these include both paid and earned media campaigns.

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Both of these campaigns are important when it comes to digital marketing strategy and they complement each other.

How to Increase Website Traffic Through Social Media?

Paid media direct traffic to the owned media sites, and using it, will promote my content and help me directly communicate with my customers and/or other businesses. This would create exposure to my goods and services.

I would use social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to advertise my goods and services. Through this, my content will be boosted, and I will be able to attract new customers and retain them since I would be able to be communicating with them directly. When advertising, I would use static large rectangle ads which will have more ad inventory which will help my business to increase earnings.

I would pay social influencers to advertise my business on their social sites either through sharing my links or tweeting. With this, I can increase my sales when my goods and services are endorsed by a trusted expert or celebrity. With social media having encroached into our lives, many businesses and customers around the globe read, Facebook posts, tweets, and many other social sites run or owned by these experts and celebrities. With such marketing, I would use video ads so other businesses buyers and customers can learn more about my business visually.

What Is Retargeting in Marketing?

By using retargeting as a way of marketing, it will be an effective and more direct way to attract customers and other businesses to my website thus increasing the traffic to my business. This process is also known as remarketing that helps to keep one's brand ahead of bounced traffic after a searcher leaves your website. By placing a not conspicuous code, every time I get a visitor on my site, this code will drop an unknown browser cookie that when my cookies visitor browses, the cookie will inform my retargeted provider when to avail these ads to the people who have visited my website before. This will keep reminding these cookies visitors about my goods and services. This is effective since these visitors are already familiar with my goods and services. I would use a static ad that is a vertical banner that could fit in small spaces.

Earned media is generally online word of mouth. This is where marketing is done through promotional efforts in contrast to paid media.

I could use social media such as a blog to post my articles on my goods and services informing customers and other businesses on the better qualities of my goods and why they should choose my goods over my rivals. Social media is a common thing among us today, and many own tablets, smartphones, and laptops which they can easily use to access social media. Through these, they would get to learn about my goods.


Through viral tendencies via the internet that will be addressing my customer’s needs and that would keep pace with the changing tastes and preferences, I could reach out to my target customers and keep updating my content regularly. This information I would have acquired from a sample of primary sources, whose characteristics would match my target customers. Through these, I would know how to rebrand or change my goods and services that would suit the ever-changing needs of my customers. With this, my sales would increase since I would be attracting and retaining new and old customers respectively.

Through recommendations from customers who have bought my goods previously and have liked them, to other customers and businesses, I could gain customers and businesses buyers. These recommendations could help spread my content to other businesses and customers globally.

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