Essay on Circadian Rhythms and Gestalt Psychology

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Circadian rhythms are mental, physical and behavioral changes that are sensitive to light and darkness. They play a significant role when it comes to determining the sleep patterns of human beings. On the other hand, Gestalt psychology is a concept that explores the human mind as well as behavior. The concept proposes that the brain operates in a holistic manner that cannot be determined by just its component parts. This essay looks at how circadian rhythms and Gestalt psychology can help in understanding human behavior.

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Circadian rhythms follow a cycle of roughly 24 hours, responding mainly to the light and darkness in the environment of an organism. They are found in a majority of living organisms, and can influence important bodily functions such as body temperature and release of hormones. In human beings, they are crucial to determining sleep patterns. Suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN), which is the bodys master clock, controls the secretion of a hormone known as melatonin that makes someone feel sleepy. The circadian pacemaker is found in the SCN and regulates how he sleep-wake pattern is timed and regulated. The buildup of sleep debt and recovery is governed by sleep-wake homeostasis.

Peoples internal circadian pacemakers control how sleepiness and wakefulness is timed throughout the day, as well as how long it lasts. The circadian rhythm rises and falls at varying times during the day. According to a number of studies, human circadian rhythms in numerous measures of physiological activity and performance usually have a circasemidian (two-peak) daily pattern. This means that a typical grown up person will feel most sleepy during the pre-dawn hours of between 2 and 4 in the morning and during the early afternoon hours of between 1 and 3. All in all, this setting may be somehow different depending on whether the individual is a morning or night person. How sleepy someone feels in the course of these circadian dips will be less intense if he or she has had sufficient sleep, and stronger if the person has had inadequate sleep. In addition, circadian rhythms can also cause someone to feel more alert during certain times of the day, even if they have been awake for a long time.

Gestalt psychology sometimes called the Law of Simplicity. The concept proposes that the entire makeup of something is more important that its component parts. Looking at the whole part makes it possible to find order where there is chaos as well as unity where there are pieces of information or segments that outwardly appear unrelated. The theory suggests a one-of-a-kind perspective when it comes to human perception. People dont just observe the world. They actively interpret what they observe, depending on what they expect to see. The concept encourages individuals to do what is colloquially referred to as thinking outside the box, which involves searching for patterns.

The Gestalt concept is a successful and well known model applied across the world by mental health specialists. It can be used to foster genuine and lifelong change in an individual, couple, an entire family or even an organization. It is all about change. Therapists who use this concept approach clients with the view that individuals and any systems they are operating in are profoundly able to adapt themselves to anything and grow. The concept helps therapists figure out impediments to growth and ways of fixing them.

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