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Regis University is a university that offers religious values to its students. It offers various courses among them a masters degree in systems engineering (Peterson, 2012). Any person who learns in the institution acquires value-centered education, which shapes ones intelligence, decision making and also strengthens a persons commitment to community service. At Regis, I believe I will be nurtured to live in harmony in society, and be honest in an environment that offers a conducive area to learn effectively and for my personal development. The school has a good management team because the student to teacher ratios are small therefore I will manage to engage easily with them hence better understanding of my course, systems engineering because of the personal attention from dedicated and award winning lecturers.

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The institution also plans to expand its services by updating the classrooms and its facilities. As a student at Regis University, I will be exposed to the real world experience of my line of specialization, and I will stay current on the up-to-date trends in the job industry. I will also have a chance to attend the learning labs to understand how class knowledge is applied practically for experience in the real world circumstances. I believe as a graduate from this university, I will have competitive skills in systems engineering because of the learning system Regis University has, therefore, I will learn and achieve a lot in the institution. The course will equip me with some skills and knowledge. I believe I will learn how to design, implement and conserve infrastructure, which supports the mission of enterprise systems. I will learn the availability and disaster recovery system and the virtualized server and storage systems among other activities.

Five years

Five years after completing the degree, I would like to be a senior systems engineer who has vast experience in the field. There are employment opportunities in various industries such as the engineering, food, information technology, aerospace and automotive. I, therefore, look forward to be a systems engineer in one of these industries. I would like to work in complex systems to manage and create a diverse range of options for the computer users. I will manage other engineers in an organization and ensure the whole firm operates safely, smoothly and efficiently. I will document configurations and programs to ensure everything is correctly done, and it is in the right form. I will use my coordination, organization and leadership skills to assist others with their roles and ensure I set a good image for all those who look up to work at the same level.

There are roles that I should expect to do five years after completing my studies. I will be supervising the work of all engineers and their support staffs. I will also oversee the repair, installation, and re-assembly of equipment. As a systems engineer, I will meet with managers to discuss methods that could improve the productivity of the systems that will be in the organization, and I will assist the team in making decisions whenever they need the latest technology in their system. I will have the duty of testing, monitoring and evaluating any new machinery and offer feedback to the management team on its performance. It will be important to attend all meetings to ensure one makes systems according to the stakeholders wishes.


In my undergraduate studies, I attended various internship programs in systems engineering. I was exposed to the real life experiences of the course in the outside world. Later after completion of the course, I joined a graduate trainee program, which widened my knowledge and skills in systems engineering. I have worked in the industrial sector where I learned how to find ways to streamline processes and make them cost effective. I also learned to design solutions to problems in the companys operations and later communicate them to all stakeholders. I have learned to create software that works for both the operating systems of the firm, and it communicates effectively with the other departments. In the firm, the system engineers acted as the bridge between suppliers and customers hence I have good communication skills, and therefore, I can manage to work with other departments when I start working fully as a systems engineer.

Career plan

I look forward to advance in job levels once I start working in a full-time job. Every employee passes through a series of ranks up to the top positions. Experience and education qualification can however, enable one to secure better job positions and terms of payment. I will, therefore have a competitive advantage over my colleagues in the industry. I believe I will stand a chance higher during job interviews through my qualification when I complete the masters degree. With an experience of five years and my qualification as a masters degree holder in systems engineering backed up by a good reputation from previous organizations will enable me to compete for the prestigious jobs in systems engineering. In the end, the course will enable me to attain my five-year goal.


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