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Henry Mintzberg described the Mintzberg model. It defines and outlines the primary roles of a chief executive officer. The roles defined in this theory are informational, interpersonal, and decision-making. The interpersonal role enables the police executive officer to perform ceremonial functions, motivate and coordinate workers while achieving the goals and mission of the department and interact with other organizations, and coordinate work assignments. The executive officers constantly review the department’s operations to ensure it operates smoothly; they distribute information to members of the department through general orders, special orders, and policies in the informational role. They also act as spokespersons that provide information to the news media. In the decision-making role, the executive officer becomes an entrepreneur, resource allocator, and negotiator.

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Police Assessment Center

It is the process organizations use to promote and hire personnel through oral interviews, role-playing exercises, psychological tests, and group exercises. Assessors use the exercises to analyze candidates’ performances and later record the evaluation. At the end of the process, the rater submits the information to the person in charge of hiring decisions.

Basic Management Skills That the Police Executive Must Develop

The basic management skills that a police executive should develop should be technical and human skills. Technical skills are analytical abilities, specialized knowledge, and techniques in a specific discipline. Human skills are the abilities that enable the officer to work effectively as a group member and build cooperation.

What City Officials and Community Members Expect of the Police Chief?

The city officials expect the police chief to improve services, promote departmental efficiency and reduce crime while the community members expect him or her to provide efficient and cost-effective police services and at the same time reduce crime and lower tax rates.

Positions in the Police Force

Police chiefs are the top officials in the chain of command of a municipal police department.

Sheriffs are the top officials in a country’s law enforcement agency who work as law enforcers, civil process servers, and in county jails.

Police middle managers are lieutenants or captains who coordinate agency units’ activities and ensure that administrative strategies and the mission are carried out.

First-line managers are supervisors who direct, control, and evaluate the work of field personnel. They also ensure agency policies are followed, and they place employees where resources are most needed.

Patrol officers are officers who protect the innocent, enforce the law and prevent crime.

Different Types of Police Supervisors

There are different types of police supervisors. Traditional supervisors are law enforcement-oriented. They emphasize paperwork and expect others to produce high levels of measurable activities. Innovative supervisors associate closely with community policing. They are mentors who coach rather than give orders. Supportive supervisors develop good relations with subordinates and are concerned with the protection of officers from unfair management practices. Active supervisors work in the field and are competent and hardworking in their duties.

Distinction Between Field Training Officers and Police Training Officers

Police training officers and field training officers are officer-training programs. The police training officer program is where new officers are evaluated on their application of community policing and problem-solving using problem and adult-based principles. The field training officer program helps new officers to transit smoothly from the recruit academy. A veteran officer observes and evaluates their performance.

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