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The NMC Specialty Hospital was established in the year 1975 in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. The hospital has up to one hundred patient rooms and a total of nine ICU beds. There are a total of four nursery beds and seven operation theaters. The hospital has up o one hundred and fifty doctors and three hundred and seventy paramedics and nurses. It is a trusted institution which avails quality and trusted services to the people of Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates. It has an affiliation with various national and international insurance companies. The hospital further enjoys direct billing facilities with these specific insurance companies and third party administrators ("Strategy & Vision | New Medical Center Abu Dhabi | United Arab Emirates", 2017).

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NMC is the largest private healthcare provider in Abu Dhabi with various medical branches in its healthcare system including hospitals, pharmacies, day surgery centers and medical centers. The hospital is a network of hospitals in the United Arab Emirates and Europe. The network is made up of thirty healthcare facilities in up to six countries. In total, the health care system caters to more than eleven thousand patients every day and more than twelve hundred doctors who cater to the patients.

The hospital has various departments including the aesthetic reconstructive and plastic surgery, critical care and dentistry. There is also anesthesiology, cardiac sciences, and bariatric surgery. The hospital also has the emergency medicine department, dermatology, and general medicine. Being an influential hospital Abu Dhabi NMC provides other services in its other departments including ENT, head and neck surgery, endocrinology, diabetology and metabolic disorders. There is also gynecology and obstetrics, general laparoscopic and surgery and gastroenterology. The hospital has many more departments that work in conjunction with each other to ensure patients get the right quality of service.

The hospital has affiliations to various insurance providers which play a significant role in ensuring that the hospital remains above the rest. Patients have the freedom to choose from a variety of rooms including single rooms, deluxe, VIP, and VVIP. The type of accommodation the patient qualifies for mainly depends on the type of insurance coverage the patient has. The hospital wards are well designed and maintained to ensure maximum comfort for the patient and help avoid infection acquired from the hospital. Other services include inpatient care, a cafeteria, ambulance services and operation theaters.

It avails various forms of healthcare packages including physical examinations by doctors and ENT consultation. There are also laboratory tests, and add-on-tests including back, brain, intestine, sleep and sensory care. It is a specialty hospital which means that the specialties all ensure that there is coverage for any issue a patient may come with to the hospital. All the characteristics of NMC made it a hospital that stands out and one that is sought after in Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates as a whole.

Strategic planning in the hospital and its output in the past five years

The hospital is part of a wide healthcare system which has a strategy in place. The NMC healthcare ensures that patients get personalized care and a genuine concern. The hospital also aims for the sincere commitment to the holistic well-being of the patient and society. The healthcare facility operates on the belief that health is not only about detecting, diagnosing, informing and treatment of the patient but it centers on helping the individual to lead a fulfilling life. The hospital, therefore, ensures that it is committed to providing services to the individual and the community that it interacts with and that the patients get hope for a healthy and happy life.

Since its inception in 1975, the hospital's strategy has changed with time. It started as a small hospital known as the New Medical Center and at this time the strategic plan for the hospital was tailored to its size and a number of patients in could handle. However, as time went by, the hospital advanced not only in size but also in the type and amount of services it offered the patient. The hospital's advancement means that its operations changed to a multispecialty platform that operates under one branch, the NMC. Therefore its strategy is to offer services that are of the highest quality for the patients and society. The hospital's strategy continues to be geared towards investing in the patients, logistics, and strategic regional and global relationships ("Delivering a continuum of care", 2015). The personnel in the hospital works often on the expansion of the medical specialty availed to the growing patient population while still maximizing on cross-referrals between already existing network assets.

Through its highly trained medical staff and management, the hospital offers and fully integrated healthcare solution to its patients. It works with the flexibility of tailoring patients according to their healthcare needs e.g. long term care, short term treatment or home care. The hospital ensures that the quality of services is at the global level through partnerships with various international organizations. For example, it is working on a partnership with the oxford university, for the delivery of in-hospital oncology therapy. The hospital also has a management team that ensures the strategic plan is adhered to and that its propositions are fulfilled. The team is made up of the executive management and a board. They both cooperate and make sure that the strategic plan is ever in motion and identify where there is the need for any adjustments. There is also an evaluation process for every employee to identify if each individual is performing according to his/her expectation. The hospital demands accountability from its members of staff and works towards ensuring that there is evidence of positive progress especially inpatient service provision.

For the past five years, the hospital's strategy has been the tool for advancement not only in the available facilities but also in the quality of services offered. It has been a time for great partnerships between the hospital and other third parties that have a similar goal as the hospital. There is the partnership with insurance companies that has advanced the past five years. The partnerships ensure that each patient can access quality health care from the best private hospital in Abu Dhabi. The hospital has also developed various specialty areas with the help of its strategic plan. These areas provide different types of treatment services for patients. The hospital has also expanded its facilities and is now a well-equipped facility that has the ability to handle different patient issues. Such an institution is often hard to manage and keep track towards achieving its goals. However, the well-trained management team and personnel make the differences. They work to their maximum best to make sure that each person achieves his/her set goals for the day.

Components of the health care environment in the hospital

Any healthcare environment is viewed as a complex system that is made up of various components. They include those who are in need of the healthcare services or the healthcare consumers. The environment also contains individuals who deliver the services and are often known as healthcare providers (Donabedian, 2002). They are usually professionals and practitioners in the healthcare sector. There is the institution component of the healthcare environment which includes the public and private organizations that participate in organizing, planning, regulating, financing and coordinating services. The component includes such institutions as insurance companies, clinics, home health agencies and entitlement programs such as Medicare and Medicaid (Jabnoun & Juma, 2005).

The hospital interacts with a high number of patients on a day to day basis. Each patient comes with a unique need which the organization will ensure it attends to. Therefore the patients who are seeking for health care services in the hospital create a healthcare component that affects the hospital or may affect it in the near future. Services available in the hospital are often of the highest quality which means that a lot of people in Abu Dhabi and beyond its borders will prefer NMC over the rest. The hospital needs to have the capacity to handle any amount of patients at any time. Infrastructure in the hospital is already up and running and they are operating according to their expectation. However, there may come a time in the future where the hospital will need expansion as a result of the high number of patients it will be experiencing.

The hospital has more than one hundred and fifty doctors and more than three hundred and seventy nurses and paramedics. These practitioners ensure that patients get the type of service they require and that these services are of the best quality. In its hiring process, the hospital makes sure that these professionals are experts in their field of practice and that they will not harm the patients. These practitioners determine the type of picture the public gets concerning the hospital through their ability and the feedback the patients give. It means that the fate of the institution is always in the hands of the health practitioners. According to current patient feedback, their service quality is at its highest. However, if it were o drop in the future, it will affect how people view it and how the number of patients who come for help. Other institutions like insurance providers work concurrently with the hospital to provide the best quality of services. Insurance companies contribute to the financial component of the hospital through the packages they avail for patients. It, therefore, means that if they decided not to work with the hospital the day to day operations would be adversely affected.


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