Current Trends in Nursing Practice: Patient-Centered Medical Home

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Health is a sensitive issue around the globe that has experienced tremendous changes in recent years. Healthcare providers have to establish a means of providing health services to patients without any form of inconvenience. The Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) approach demands an interdisciplinary team that will bring on board different knowledge and skills CITATION Gol09 \l 1033 (Goldberg & Kuzel, 2009). The most important goal of the model is to prevent the occurrence of diseases using several but integrated procedures. The various teams of experts that would benefit this model include an environmental team, a team that specializes in statistics, public health team, IT team and medical practitioners among others. The various pillars that support this model include patient-centered orientation, coordinated care, easy access to care, team-based care, safety and quality CITATION Age11 \l 1033 (Quality, 2011). The efficiency of the system does not provide room for various teams to work in isolation but rather demands that the teams engage in constant communication and cooperation among the parties involved.

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According to the University of Arizona (2017), the PCMH model has an advantage of providing quality services to the clients. The model enhances communication between the care providers and the clients. It has also been stated that PCMH provides a unique opportunity for patients to practice self-care. The self-care enhances the personalized care plans capable of accommodating the different needs of clients. The contribution of information from family members brings on board adequate information regarding a client. PCMH allows both parties to contribute positively towards the enhancement of quality primary care. Patients also have an opportunity to receive care in a friendly and supportive environment. As a result, patients tend to have a positive attitude that facilitates the healing process. Through the PCMH model, patients can learn various skills that support healthy living. This is due to the increased interaction of the public and the healthcare providers. The PCMH system provides an excellent opportunity for treating and managing both communicable and lifestyle diseases.



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