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Apple a well respected and renowned Smartphone and other accessories production firm conducted a research on the impacts of brand image or product image on consumer loyalty to a specific brand or product. The objectives of this research were to enhance brand awareness shortly before any new brand is released in the market. This was found to play a very fundamental role in the success of Smartphone brands. The other objective was to create brand recognition which is also known as aided awareness. This is the ability to remember something that had been exposed to an individual at an earlier time. Assessing the impacts of the brand image would help the firm to put in place proper marketing strategies to enhance its success and create a large consumer base (GIUOCA et al., 2015).

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Customer loyalty can be defined as the likelihood of customers who had purchased a good from a company to buy again from the same firm. Customer services and good marketing strategies have been found to play a major role in enhancing customer loyalty in organizations. Several factors influence a consumer in the decision-making process of buying from the various Smartphone brands. These factors are social factors for example groups affiliated to the consumer, family, the role and status of the consumer in the society. The other category of factors influencing decision making is personal factors, for example, age, lifestyle, and economic circumstances, personality, and self-concept (GIUOCA et al., 2015). The factors above dictate the type of apple products a consumer is likely to purchase.

The characteristic of a product plays a high role in the creation of an image of a particular brand in the Smartphone brands industry. Image branding is fundamental as it aid in positioning the product in the mind of the probable consumer in relation to other Smartphone brands competing with apple (GIUOCA et al., 2015). When the product has been positioned effectively in the mind of the consumer, apple will be able to create a powerful brand which will compete favorably with the competitors and thus accommodate the needs of the demographic segments targeted by the brand. It is thus evident that brand image is fundamental to the success of any product in the Smartphone industry.

Understanding consumer loyalty is fundamental because of the following reasons. Consumer loyalty encourages referrals which is the process whereby one customer is able to encourage new probable consumers to the product and sell the advantages of the brand over other brands because they have practical experience with that product. Customer loyalty also aids in the reduction of costs that is, the cost used in marketing and advertising Smartphone brands. Customer loyalty contributes to loyal customers selling the brand through the word of mouth which is very effective and cost effective (GIUOCA et al., 2015). The firm is thus able to preserve the loyal customers and expand its market segment without the use of a lot of financial resources.

Customer loyalty also makes a brand be immune to competition and other economic disturbances that are always in the market. Loyal customers stick to the brand during all times and thus a firm becomes established firmly in the market and it does not become feeble during bad economic periods and also as a result of fierce competition from new entrants. A high brand image is fundamental to the success of every product because it plays an important role in the positioning of the brand in the mind of the consumer and also in the decision-making process (GIUOCA et al., 2015). The high brand image has revolutionized the Smartphone industry whose success is determined by the product image of the products from the respective firms. Apple is one firm which has created a very strong image which is attributed to its outstanding success.


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