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Dog walking and exercising is one of the common practices done today by many pet owners. A dog is taken for a walk either alone or in the company of other dogs. There are many dog walking companies that are in business today. Such companies offer dog walking, training and health care at a fee. Petride links dog owners and dog walking companies and charges a fee for every successful connection. Petride will not be engaged in dogs walking or pet sitting. Its main duty will be to link busy dog owners with dog walking companes.

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There will be several touch points in which customers, Petride and dog walking companies will interact. The customers will make a call through my number if they need me to pick up their dogs from their homes or work places. This is the first touch point that will allow me to exchange contacts and other relevant information pertaining to the transaction with the customer. The customer will give information about how long they require they dog to be walked and the details of the person who will pick the dog after the walking exercise. During my meeting with the dog owner, I will provide the details of all dog walking companies I have in my profile including their ratings and prices. The customer will chose their preferred company and take contacts for further communication with the company. I will also recommend to the customer the best company suited for their dog depending on their breed, age and other factors. After the dog owner and the dog walking company agrees on the terms of payment, I will pick the dog and have the company representative pick it from my house. Alternatively, the dog walking company representative will collect the dog from its owners resident after linking both of them. This will be the second touch point in the customers journey. Generally, there will be two physical touch points for each customer.

The customer journey begins when they learn about Petride. Customers may learn about these peer to peer services through social media or through referral by a friend. From there, customers will place a call for me to pick their dogs from their homes. I meet up with the customer and present the profiles of all dog walking companies I know of. The customer makes a choice, contacts the company and both agree on payment and service terms. The customer delivers the dog to me or the dog walking company representative. The journey ends when the dog walking company delivers the dog back to the owner and the latter makes the payment. Below is a diagrammatic representation of the customers journey.

Unlike traditional service blueprints for peer to peer businesses, customers and dog walking companies will not be required to create a user profile, since touch points are physical. However, Petride will soon have an app that will allow dog owners and the dog walking companies to interact on an online platform. In such a case, the dog walking companies listed with Petride will be required to have user profiles where customers can contact them and make reviews at the end of dog walking service. Before an app is developed, I will be theonly one doing the business. One or more employee will be hired as the number of orders from dog owners increases.

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