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We cannot be ignorant of the fact that technology in this century is dynamic and fast-changing! The manner in which it is impacting the world is surprising given that it is transforming and continuously improving our lives day by day! Innovation which is the primary fuel of technology has been evidenced by the introduction of high-speed transportation systems. It started with trains, then moved to cars and airplanes, and sooner than later, it is going to be the Hyperloop One! Efficiency, convenience, speed, and time are the major focus of the Hyperloop One. The primary objective of the project is to reduce the waiting period of passengers in traveling stages as well as increase the speed of travel to destinations. The manner in which people travel and transport goods and avail services will significantly be improved. Hyperloop one is indeed a mark of what the next generation transport will resemble.

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What Are the Main Features of Hyperloop One?

Hyperloop is a high-speed system designed to transport people and goods at supersonic speeds and is a project steered by the Los Angeles-based company which is contemplating bringing to scenes the first-ever operational Hyperloop system. It is scheduled to operate as a high-speed transport system traveling at speeds of 1,200 km/hr between Emirates which is about 150km apart meaning that it will only take 12 minutes to reach Abu Dhabi from Dubai. The Hyperloop is essentially a vacuum contained in a long tube that has air squeezed out of it. The container is suspended off the ground to shield it from weather and earthquakes. The pods transporting the passengers would contain about six people and would be accelerated with magnets. The pods would depart every 30 seconds. The stations will be called portals and will be easily identifiable by passengers upon entering the portal. The pods are scheduled to accommodate about six passengers.

Ideally, Hyperloop One seeks to transform the transport system into one which is more fast, convenient, efficient, and clean. The introduction of pods will imply that operations are going to be performed autonomously away from the pressurized tubes, and hence it will be possible for them to navigate the current roads. Hyperloop Company postulated that it intends to launch the first full-scale tests in the first half of 2017. The technology is projected to be available in several countries within the period of the next five years. Hyperloop One CEO, Rob Lloyd showcased some snaps of construction in progress with the first test site being the Nevada desert. The target of Hyperloop One is to have an operational system built in the UAE within a period of 5 years. The original idea which was from Elon Mask which he made back in 2013 is being pursued by several firms.

If all goes well, the United Arab Emirates will benefit a lot from Hyperloop project. Given that the United Arab Emirates boasts of being one of the fastest growing 21st-century global business and technology hub, it is essentially a good place to establish the system. For organizations seeking to establish new enterprises such as the Hyperloop project, it is important to aware of the Arabic culture as well as the manner in which religion plays a great role in the conducting of business. The advantage of establishing a business in the UAE is that income tax-free, and this motivates one to work in UAE. Additionally, the UAE is multi-cultured and is characterized by a robust, vast and rich combination of cultures. People of different nationalities all of different language, culture, and religion. The Arab world is advanced in its transport network system as well as the availability of social amenities such as banks, housing, schools as well as hospitals.


The Hyperloop One system has the potential of changing people go around the world. The ability to move at hyper supersonic speed while enjoying freedom brings humans to a future where travel around the world will be a matter of minutes. Distance and proximity, time and space are not going to be a challenge anymore. The architectural building designs integrated with the modern urban and inter-city transport network which is ideal for independent, point-to-point enhanced transport experience makes Dubai one of the best places to set up the Hyperloop One project.


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