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The landscape of electric car manufacturing is one whose change is entirely unpredictable. Car manufacturing companies are gearing towards the development of more sophisticated models that are far different from the contemporary fuel-dependent models. The competition over who is best fitted to supply the market with a more stylish, elegant, powerful and fast model is getting fierce by the day as every manufacturing company is in the race to stamp its presence in the tightly knit electric car market.

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Take for instance the battle for supremacy between Tesla, the giant electric car maker recently commanding the electric market and its potential competitors Chevrolet, Toyota, and Ford. The manufacturing of the Tesla Model S which is considered unlikely left the enthusiast of the brand astonished by just how much creativity went into manufacturing the model. It is deemed to have the longest range, and its speed is something to reckon with. It still stands as the fastest and the most stylish electric car to ever have been made. The Tesla Model S took the competition to a whole new level fitted with the DC superchargers and an all-wheel drive option making it able to mount acceleration from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than four seconds.

Chevrolet, on seeing this, decided to tighten the competition by manufacturing their first high-volume electric car also to command their share of the market. They launched their new powertrain concept coming up with a model that boasted of an extended range. The Chevrolet Volt would thus counter competition from the Tesla Model S to book a spot among the electric machines of the decade.

Ford was also not left behind as it moved to book its space in the electric cars of the decade by manufacturing the lighter Ford F-150. The model consisted of a cab and a bed made of aluminum making it 500 pounds lighter than the previous Ford models. The model would later come to be the best selling in the United States. Toyota also answered the competition by manufacturing a fuel-cell sedan and the Toyota Prius that would mount an equal competition magnitude to the other models and mainly the Tesla Models.

Though Toyota, Chevrolet, and Ford are mounting efforts to unseat Tesla as the world's leading electric car manufacturer, the three car manufacturers seem not to have the economic viability to sustain the competition. General Motors, for instance, grappled with public debt just recently and would thus not be in a position to compete with Tesla for long. Unlike Toyota and its characteristic hybrid car manufacturing, Tesla's main projects involve the manufacture of the electric cars, an activity the manufacturer started decades ago. Toyota would thus find it somewhat challenging to switch from manufacturing fuel-consuming models to a new adventure of manufacturing electric automobiles.

To ensure continuous success of the model, Tesla ought to stick to their manufacturing techniques occasionally devising ways of making their models better and more appealing to the market. Improvements in the comfort and appearance of the vehicle should be put on top of Tesla's list. Economically, Tesla should aim to make their models more affordable in a bid to increase their market share. Affordability will create loyalty to the brand enabling it to stay ahead of the competition at all times.

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