My Opinion on the Development of Technology

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Technology has been developing over time. We use technology in various ways. However, the way we implement various technologies harms not only our society but also our lives. We daily use technology to accomplish different roles. We use technology because it increases our capabilities in performing various tasks. The use of technology has simplified life, and everyone is making an effort to interact with modern technology such as computers, digital cameras, Smart Phones, and television. It is essential to understand various benefits and issues related with the developing technology.

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I think the use of modern technology has eased communication. The development of technology led to the development of various social media such as Facebook and Twitter. People from various parts of the countries can use various communication platforms to interact and communicate. People across the world can meet on the social media and share different ideas. For instance, Walker Rettberg (2000) asserts that the use of technology has enabled him to share thoughts, gratitude, fears, stories, and photos. Rettberg claims that over a short time, his Facebook feed had more than 80, 000 Norwegians and Syrian refugees. The narrator joined the group of the Facebook where he met generous people who can help the refugees (Rettberg, p. 1). Also, Rettberg (2000) asserts that the use of the social media such as Twitter has enabled him to learn regarding the world. For example, Rettberg says that the use of Twitter has enabled him to learn regarding the world full of refugees. Rettberg can see various people especially African starving children while naked in the refugee camps. The high population of the starving African children is due to the war crisis caused by the Islam soldiers and was affected by the war (Rettberg, p. 1).

Besides, I think technology has affected our sentiments of empathy for the distress of the other people. For example, Rettberg (2000) claims that images are more pressing than words, and images that we see in the television and newspapers probably affects our feelings of the empathy for the distress of other people. By the use of developed technology such as digital cameras, we can see the live images of suffering people from different parts of the world, thus making us have a feeling of empathy to such people. Before the development of technology, we could only take different photographs in various events such holidays, weddings, and birthdays. However, after the development of the new technology such as digital cameras and Smart Phones, people can take different photographs at any time anywhere (Rettberg, p. 3).

The development of technology has enabled various people to have different impressions on different technologies through great visual designs (Laja, p. 1). For example, different people have different impressions on different Websites created. According to Peep Laja (2015), different people make snap judgments about Websites. It takes approximately 50 milliseconds for different users to form different opinions about a Website that determines whether they like the site, or they do not like the site, whether they will stay on the site or leave the site (Laja, p. 1). With the development of technology, there is the advancement of the search engines such as Google that is enabling different people to carry out different research on the Internet. Many people are visiting Google search engine because they like the site. Technology designers are required to design not only simple but also familiar sites so that the sites can be visited by many internet users since internet users have a fixed idea on how an e-commerce site should look like (Laja, p. 3).

However, I think the development of technology has played a key role in pollution of our environment. For example, Adams (2015) claims that China is a leading country in the development of the technology and the same country is leading in pollution of the environment. China industries have the dearth of images depicting large volumes of e-wastes in different sites (Adams, p. 2). China releases wastes such as damaged electronics to the environment leading to the environmental pollution because most of the electronics are considered non-biodegradable when exposed to the environment. Also, with an increase in the development of technology in China, there is water pollution caused by the technology industries. Soil pollution is also evident since the waste materials are exposed to the soil creating issues in agriculture and destroying the Chinas vegetation. Air pollution is a key issue experienced by Chinese due to the escalating development of the technology, and this is a key factor for the global warming (Harbell et al. p. 3-4).

In conclusion, I think the development of technology has played a significant role in our society. Different people can make different judgments on different technology developments. Various people can communicate and share ideas, gratitude, photos, and fears while situated in different parts of the world. However, the development of technology has increased global warming due to different pollution experienced in different parts of the world such as China. For us to benefit from the advancing technology, we are not only required to appreciate and interact with the technology but also seek for better ways of controlling pollution caused by the development of the new technology.

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