Improving Athletes Abilities Through the Use of Sciences

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The artifact selected is a video on improving athlete's abilities through the use of sciences to beat the limits set for athletes. The artifact can be found on The athlete improvement program focuses on using the athletes' natural abilities with science and coming up with the perfect athlete. The video uses spoken word, text, music, graphics, an athlete, and scientist to show the parties affected and involved in the program. In the video latest technology is shown in an attempt to clarify the process of creating a perfect athlete.

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What the artifact is communicating

The video is a good artifact that can be used to communicate because of the visual feature that enables the audience to relate and understand the message better. The artifact, in this case, is a marketing tool for a product (Supplement) because it advertises the Musclepharm which is the product that can ensure that an athlete moves from a natural athlete to a perfect athlete. The artifact uses more than visual elements, it also uses, sound and spoken word to compliment the visual element. The visual element helps in communication because it allows the audience to see an athlete who is going through rigorous different training routines including running wearing a mask, throwing a football and climbing the stairs.

At the same time, the video also shows how much the athlete struggle and is sweating showing he is working hard. The video also shows the scientists behind the development of the supplement taking records and progress of the athlete. Through the scientists, the communication is clear that the supplement is a product of long and thorough research that guarantees its efficiency. Through the visual element, the artifact managed to illustrate clearly how the supplement is developed, its purpose, how it affects the athletes and the name of the supplement.

The other element of communication used in the artifact is text. Even though the use of text is not as clear, it is used to bring out the specific areas in the body of the athlete that the supplement has an effect on. For example, the supplement affects the athletes heart beat rate and improves endurance. Through the element of text, the artifact communicates the areas of the athlete that the supplement improves and that includes the stamina of the athlete, focus, and endurance. Significantly it is also through text that the audience is aware of the name of the supplement (Musclepharm). Closely related to the element of text, the artifact uses graphic design to emphasize the effects of the supplement in the athletes DNA and heart. The element of graphic design has also been used to communicate the process of developing the supplement and the formulas used by the scientists.

There is the element of sound that has been employed in the artifact. The sound has been used regarding music, spoken word, and captivating sounds. The use of music has been utilized in the artifact to communicate the intensity of the training that the athlete used in the video goes through. The music used has been complimented by the use of intriguing sounds like at the beginning of the video when the up close face of the athlete is introduced to the audience to communicate the athletes training atmosphere. The spoken word is another important element that has been used in the artifact as it communicates everything about the supplement. For example through the spoken word in the artifact the audience can know that the supplement is developed for the purpose of creating a perfect athlete. Through the spoken word in the video, the viewer is also aware of how the supplement is developed as it is indicated "through the state of the art research, the most advanced science and professional athlete product testing." The spoken Word also communicates the name of the supplement at the end of the video.

There different possible interpretations of the artifacts, however, the use of the various elements such as text, spoken word, and video, the message is clear that the video is about athletes, athletes supplement and how the effects that the supplements have on the athletes. It is also clear that the supplement improves an athlete's ability to perform regarding stamina, focus, and endurance. The communication about the supplement has been made clear by balancing the element of the visual and spoken word because they work in tandem. For example, as the narrator talks about scientific research, there is visual of scientists in their white lab coats and at the same time graphics of the chemicals used in developing the supplement. When the spoken word talks about creating the perfect athlete, there is a visual of a football athlete throwing the ball. The combination of different elements has made it easier to understand the message that the artifact intended to pass. If some of the elements such as visual and spoken word were absent, then understanding the message would have been more difficult.

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