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To retain the competitive advantage it enjoys, Coca-Cola has in place a good quality design practice that makes the company different from any other that competes with it (Elmore, 2015). This quality design practice puts Coca-Cola in a special niche in the market, giving its competitors a hard time to come up with strategies to challenge Coca-Cola concerning profit-making. The following are some of the quality design practices Coca-Cola puts in place.

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Coca-Cola Bottle Designs

The Coca-Cola Company has a unique bottling design like no other company. The Contour bottle used by The Coca-Cola Company has evolved over the years, dating back to 1915 when the contour bottle was innovated. The design of this bottle was inspired by the iconic look of the coca pod which has an elongated shape that looks almost like that of the Coca-Cola bottle. The Coca-Cola bottle design is so distinct that if someone gets to touch it with his/her eyes closed they will recognize it. This means that one can recognize a Coca-Cola drink bottle in the middle of other drink bottles. This specificity and uniqueness put Coca-Cola Company on top of the competitive market where the other competing companies struggle hard to remain relevant. Coca-Colas signature drinks and the peculiar brand remain one of its kind and will remain to be the favorite of many consumers for a long time. In this case, Coca-Cola becomes the easily recognizable and widely spread drink of choice to many. The specific bottle design of the company remains a special brand. It gives Coca-Cola the specificity it needs to identify itself as a business giant in the competitive market.

Coca-Cola Taste Quality

The Coca-Cola drinks maintain a unique taste that is attached to their flavor that remains a top secret to the company. The taste is so unique that it has and will always give the competitors headaches as they try all the possible ways to emulate it. The Coca-Cola Company has a secret recipe, where the Coca-Cola syrup is combined with carbonated water to give the cola soft drinks the unique taste that it has been having for years. There is no known generic cola that has successfully come up with a taste to emulate that of Coke. This uniqueness in the Cokes taste is one of the strongholds of the company. It has been a long time since the Coca-Cola Company was established. For all the years since its establishment, Coca-Cola has maintained its taste to its customers (Noe, 2013). This means that if a miracle happened today and somebody who knew the taste of Coke in 1920 was resurrected, he will identify Coke by its taste. The big trick here is the taste that has remained uniquely the same over the years. The uniqueness makes the Coca-Cola Company remain on top of the competitive market and retain its market position with undoubtedly strange and ever-lasting taste.

Its uniqueness has also contributed to customer loyalty. If for instance, a Coca-Cola lover was traveling from Africa to the US for instance, he will get the same coke that he left back at home in the US, with the same unique taste. The fact that a customer can find the same taste anywhere in the world will make that customer feel more attached to the drink. Therefore, the customer finds a good reason to remain loyal.

Coca-Cola Packaging

Packaging is one of the most appealing things a company should invest in to attract more consumers. Concerning this, Coca-Cola has successfully used packaging as one of the tools to get closer and attract more consumers. Recently, the company launched new graphics that will use one visual identity system. In the campaign, Coca-Cola red was identified as a unifying and common color on the trademark. This packaging can be one of the most accommodative and considerate packages in the history of the company. It seeks to give a chance to its customers who have different lifestyles to find a drink that suits their lifestyles and diet best. For the customer to identify each product clearly, the company ensured that the signature color appears throughout the packs, silver for Light/Diet, Green for Life, and black for Coke Zero. These unique graphics also show the unique product name in front together with the benefits to enable the consumer to make the best choice (Wheeler, 2012).

Coca-Cola Zero

Zero sugar


Original Taste

Coca-Cola life

Less sugar

Coca-Cola Light/Diet

Crisp taste/ No calories

This clear labeling enables the consumer to identify what they need immediately they look at the bottle. Since the consumers have either different health backgrounds that may need to have less sugary drinks or those with no sugar completely, Coca-Cola finds it reasonable to appreciate the consumer by introducing such kinds of products. This new packaging campaign has made Coca-Cola go the extra mile to make satisfaction more real to its consumers. It is reasonable to say that repackaging by the Coca-Cola company has made customer loyalty levels increase over the past few months by introducing such accommodative packaging to the consumers.

Coca-Cola Employee Empowerment

Employee empowerment is one of the new programs the Coca-Cola Company puts in place and considers most beneficial to its operations. The Coca-Cola Foundation for instance equips women with business-related skills that include the 5by20 initiatives focusing on the entrepreneurs in the company. The company takes into consideration the fact that in the world, women encounter shared barriers to succeed in the marketplace. As such, Coca-Cola finds it necessary to equip and empower women under its umbrella to advance their financial literacy, entrepreneurship development, job literacy, and economic self-sufficiency. The execution of these programs may, however, differ geographically. Coca-Cola is better at this campaign. Therefore, it makes it its mandate to empower women worldwide. Coca-Cola has come up with a program called Women's economic empowerment programs in over 44 countries worldwide. The program is part of the Coca-Colas 5by20 initiative that seeks to have empowered 5million women by 2020.

This empowerment is not a simple process, though. It needs a lot of logistical and financial planning. This program, apart from empowering a large number of women entrepreneurs, seeks to reach more customers to the furthest end of the world. The program will ensure that women are no longer going to be left behind regarding economic development.

Coca-Cola Teamwork and Training

Coca-Cola makes it a priority to give good treatment to its people. The company considers giving the employees a rewarding working life and developing them at the same time. The company creates an environment where the employees make performance excellence, develop improvement skills, and move toward their career goals. By providing the training to the employees, Coca-Cola ensures that these employees acquire the needed skills to build their careers and learn even more. A trained employee is more likely to be productive and satisfactory to the customer than the untrained one. Coca-Cola, for instance, finds it imperative to have good customer care service. As such, the company must train its employees and enrich them with the communication skills needed to give the best services.

Employee Engagement: Coca-Cola Company

Coca-Cola also invests in employee engagement where the company seeks to know how the employees are faring. This happens through the representatives of certain employee groups. The employee engagement process is always intended to get a broader understanding of how close to the job the employees are. As such, the company has a way to make sure that the employees are playing a real role to help the business attain its goals.


In conclusion, Coca-Cola remains one of the topmost companies in the world that provide goods to the largest geographical area across the world. This fact gives the company the mandate to remain an economic giant and influential regarding business. To remain relevant in this competitive market, the company has stayed firm in innovation and invention. Coca-Cola Company must be aware that remaining relevant and defending its market share is a strong pillar of its financial achievements.

While doing a lot of other activities like women empowerment to gain more popularity and beat the competitor companies, Coca-Cola has invested in the newest technology to update its tactics in the market. The company has also found it necessary to come up with unique marketing strategies to attract as many customers as possible. For instance, I have a friend from another continent that sent me a picture of him holding a can of Coca-Cola with his name written on it. Upon making an inquiry, my friend told me that in their country, Coca-Cola came up with a campaign to brand random names on the cans so that when one goes to the Supermarket shelves, they will want to look for and have a coke can with their names on it. This sounds like one of the most brilliant ideas that Coca-Cola Company uses to attract millions of consumers.


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