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As I started out in the course, my business idea revolved around what I can do to better specific internet experiences. Naturally, my main aim was to find a gap in the market and then maximize on it. It was while thinking along these lines that I thought about online social network integration platforms. One thing that gave me a lead to this business idea is the fact that I had heard my friends complain about forgetting and losing their passwords.

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It is also worth mentioning that in the beginning, I thought that winning customer loyalty comes with the fair pricing of commodities; these were not the case as most of the customers developed their loyalty as a result of quality products and services they got. I did not know that the essence of any successful business is producing exceptional goods and services together with having a comprehensive strategy; for instance, offering after sales services.

What you learned during the course: surprises, pivots, details

All through the course, I learned that entrepreneurs have a responsibility to carve a niche for themselves in consumer markets by bringing relevant commodities. Besides, that alone was not enough; I was surprised to know that quality alone does not cut it, the issue of pricing is also important to win the hearts of customers. In the event that an entrepreneur works hard to present quality products to consumers but does so at very high prices, the likelihood of realizing decent sales volume spirals.

In juxtaposition with current and resounding business plan, the manageable effort of a video can make massive and hugely different to a customer in both positive and negative way. Videos are a good way of marketing the commodities that a business is presenting to consumer niches. Besides, placing them on popular websites like YouTube, where they come as pop up, ads will mean that anyone watching videos will have a preview of whatever it is you have to offer.

To my surprise, not all business both existing and new ones have platforms that completely suits the client as diversification and customers needs tend to change each day. Social media offers the best platform for marketing of companys product, but the security issues are of concern to the every customer and need to be addressed with effect.

What you think now at the end of the course about your business idea and your business model

It is within my thoughts that my business idea is a legit one; one that is capable of generating good returns. We are living in an epoch where the social media is the in the thing, and most likely, once Quic is started, it will pick up within one financial quarter. I also think marketing the business will entail a lot of facets that can be embraced to boost customer relationships. Moreover, with a line of business such as my own, and to engage in any startup business, I came to realize that there is a need to be strategic to have a firm ground and effective growth. It is only through innovation, quality, and a customer-centric approach to consumer business needs that Quic can be taken to the next level. So far my business idea is getting positive reviews from my advisors and former professors, and its only a matter of time before things go ultim

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