Reasons for Developing Sports Cranberry Drink at Atlantic Quench Cranberries INC

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Each year, Atlantic Quench Cranberries develops something new that can foster their growth and development in the market. It is no doubt that this strategy that they have in place has been the secret behind their massive success in the market. In the next working year, the company is to come up with a new product which will be branded as sports cranberry drink (Atlantic Canada Cranberries, 2016). This arrival is after the marketers have conducted their studies and they have found out that the new product will help the firm to advance to greater heights.

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Before bringing the new product to the market, a well-researched study must be conducted so that they offer what will be accepted by a majority of their customers. For the success of the sports cranberry drink in the market, the firm is left with no option but to consider some factors that will lead to the success of the company (Largeman-Roth, 2009). There are several firms I the industry that 0ffers soft drinks. Atlantic Quench Cranberries Company, therefore, must be able to study their competition before they launch the new product in the market. The firm should first list down other firms that offer the same product like the new product that it is just about to launch. Assumptions should not be made that the drink is unique and will be above their competitors product in the market. It is necessary to study the competitors marketing materials such as the brochures, ads, and websites. The company should put itself in the shoes of their customers and the customers of the market in general so that they can find better information regarding the market and the latest trends(Cox, 2012). Ways that will make the drink stand up against other drinks that are offered by the competitors of the company should be formulated. The drink should be made in such a way that it is packed up in 250mm cans so that majority of the people can be able to purchase it (Schauss, 2011). This will enable the company to excel so much at it would have identified companies that may pose the great threat to them. Atlantic Quenchs creativity in new product development (NPD) can be of great assistance to the company as it would develop strategies that will help the firm to be above their competitors and find success for their company.

Targeting the ideal market is well elaborated in this marketing plan. Sports cranberry drink will target individual who will be on vacations or people who will need a drink to freshen them up (Challem, 2010). Being able to learn the potential customers that will use the drink will enable the company to have a minimum financial outlay that will yield to the great firm returns. To add to the drinks that the customers are currently using, launching the new products would increase the number of customers of the company as well as the income hat will be earned as the customers will be eager to taste the new drink and check out the advancements that have been made in the drink. Sports cranberry dink is made in such a way that it will fulfill the demands and all the preferences of the customers. Sport cranberry drinks will be affordable to nearly all the target market. This new drink aims at filling a need than creating a need.

Creation of a unique value proposition will also be of great help to the will also help in the creation of good marketing plan of the sports cranberry drink (Brand-Miller, 2009). This means that before the drink is launched in the market, there must be certainty that there is a clear understanding of the drink so that the company and also be sure they are aware of other firms or any individual that will take advantage of the enterprise regarding the launch of the new product. The new drink is geared to be unique so as to fulfill the desires and the needs of their customers. Defining the marketing strategy as well as tactics highlights one of the reasons why this marketing and is in place. It was important to understand the marketing channels that the drink will follow (Sproxton, 2005). The chain of distribution of the new drink will also help in creating clarity that will be brought about by the drink. This new plan shall use multichannel marketers to achieve huge success because the products will be available to the customers at various points. The company will sensitize their customers about the new product on their social media pages as well as in television advertisements. The marketing approach should be first tested before the drink is brought to the market. Launching the new product will drain a lot of finance from the company. For this reason, it will be unwise to rush the sports cranberry drink in the market before a prior test of the market is done (Johnson, 2007). It is, therefore, necessary for the product to be well examined before they are launched finally in the market.

It is, therefore, clear that the sports cranberry drink is intended to meet a new product and that it has followed all the marketing tips in launching a new product in the market. It is no doubt that the plan which is to commence in the following year will help the Atlantic Quench Cranberries Inc. to scale to greater heights regarding its development.

Internal factors of Atlantic Quench Cranberries Inc.

The marketing plan must take into considerations the internal factors that affect the business so that it may be able to form better marketing strategies for the sport cranberry drinks. Atlantic Quench Cranberries are aware that the internal factors have a direct link with the launch of the drink. The extent in which the internal factors are managed will affect how the new product will be accepted in the market. Internal factors impact directly on the Atlantic Quench Cranberries Inc. The internal business environment consists of factors that are within the company and that the management and the employees have control over. However, it is necessary to understand the opportunities that the firm get and also be aware of the possible threats to the drink before it is launched (Kalt, 2005). It is no doubt that efficient management of the strength of the internal operations will greatly determine the success of the sports cranberry drink.

The role played by the leaders within the organization is an essential internal factor that will determine whether the product will sell or not. The management style and the leadership style have a direct impact on the marketing strategy that will be adopted. In alignment with the vision and mission of the organization, the leaders are charged with the responsibility of ensuring they promote any new product that is launched within the organization (Wang, 2008). The management and any other employees that are in a leadership position are charged with the responsibility of interacting with their customers as well as the employees. By so doing, they will be able to encourage the employees to work smart and reach the new market, teach the employees better skills that they can use so that they can persuade their customers over the need to purchase the drink (Liu, 2014). The leaders are also supposed to ensure that they effectively manage the production of the new product so that they can ensure that the quality o0f the drink will be high and will meet all the need of their market (Chappell, 2004). Their failure to monitor the production process may make greedy employees compromise on the quality of production of the sports cranberry drink (Martin, 2015). The result of this is that the financial outcome that is expected to come out of the sales of the drink may not be achieved because the target market will not be able to make lots of sales if the quality of the drinks not up to their expectation (Althunibat, 2009). The leadership style, therefore, must put a lot of emphasis on the value of the employees, effectiveness of the communication channels to the customers and the employees as well as the positive and negative nature of the intended market.

Another important internal factor that will determine the success of the sports cranberry drink will be the strength of the employees. The management of the firm should ensure that employees are hardworking, motivated and talented. This will make them work hard for the success of the new product compared to employees who will be less talented and unmotivated. When the firm achieves in stabilizing the strength of the employee, the new drink that will be launched will highly sale as the employees will see it as a personal target to ensure that the drink sales out. Other internal factors that must be strengthened by the success of the sports cranberry drink are the physical resources, financial resources, current process and accessibility to the raw materials. When these materials are well coordinated, they will cause the success of the drink in the market.

SWOT analysis

It is undoubtedly clear that globalization is increasingly transforming the face and nature of the business environment at the current time (Pickton & Wright, 2008). Business organizations are now operating in very competitive marketing environments and are faced with numerous problems when operating internationally and competing in the global markets. Furthermore, the current consumers are well enlightened and clearly understand and want value for their money. They have been exposed to a variety of options to choose from and thus for a company to succeed in the current competitive market environment, they must have strategies that are aimed to meet and exceed the needs and wants of their clients as well as be unique and outstanding from their competitors (Dyson, 2004). Therefore, it will be prudent for the cranberry drink of Atlantic Quench Cranberries Inc. before launching its new product the sport cranberry drink must conduct an extensive analysis of both its internal and external analysis. In the current market environment in order to manage global operations, the management will have to acquire knowledge regarding the various strategies as well as intercultural skills. The company will conduct a SWOT analysis to determine its viability in launching the new product into the market. Typically, SWOT analysis is a marketing strategic planning tool that the company will embrace to analyze its Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and threats. The management will employ the use of this strategic tool due to its simplicity as well as its flexibility to adapt to different market situations and projects. Furthermore, most of the successful companies peg their success to the use of this model thus it will provide an effective and clearer roadmap for the organization.


Based on the current position of Atlantic Quench Cranberries Inc., it enjoys a number of strengths that can help it launch a new product into the market. The company enjoys a larger market share in the North Americas fresh juice industry and also a relatively a good share in the UK market. Currently the company is the leading producer of bottled and canned juices as well as juice drinks. Furthermore, it has a reputable brand name in the juice industry since 1981. The highly reputable brand as well as the larger market share are strength and will be of great significance while launching the sport cranberry drink. It will not have to conduct extensive marketing as the company is globally recognized thus it will save a lot of its marketing expenses. Moreover, the company is highly recognized for its creativity when it comes to its new product development strategies (NPD). This creativity will be a great deal in launching its new product since it has a vast experience in launching products. Thus it will not have a hard time in launching the sport cranberry drink. The company focuses on producing f...

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