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Philosophy is the subject that college students either consider as too simple or too complicated. However, when it comes to writing essays and research papers on it, both categories of students frequently feel confused and even scared. Like, what is an essay on philosophy? That question itself could be a nice topic for a philosophy of life essay, couldn’t it?

Here goes good news! It’s just another academic assignment you need to complete and nothing more. Still, the best way to see what you’ve got to write for your professor is to check some philosophical essay samples.

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The Best Ideas for Your Philosophy Essay

  1. Analyzing Anthem by Using Marxist Ideas
  2. Constructivism as a Theory
  3. Essay on The Conceptualization of Justice by Early Western Philosophers
  4. Articulation of Underlying Philosophy of Leadership and Values
  5. Deontology vs Consequentialism
  6. The Concept of Community and the Heroes of Iliad
  7. Concept of Death: A Comparative Analysis of "Death be not proud" and "Batter my Heart three person'd God" by John Donne
  8. Comparative Essay on Hume and Buddhism
  9. Essay on Plato's Allegory of the Cave
  10. Paper Example on Communication and Message Transmission
  11. The Problem of Personal Identity by Thomas Nagel - Essay Analysis
  12. Paper Example on Kant's Moral Philosophy

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