Casey Sheahan, a Former C.E.O of Patagonia Inc

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According to Henneman, Casey Sheahan, a former C.E.O of Patagonia Inc once indicated that the organization culture at the corporate explains the employee's high levels of job satisfaction. The company offers all its employees a lot of empowerment and in return, it has earned a reputation for loyal employees. But what are the four main factors that lead to the employee's high levels of work satisfaction at Patagonia? 1. All staff receive bonuses linked to their responsibilities, performance, and salary. 2. The company boosts the morale of its employees through celebrations such as the field day which consequently leads to success. 3. Flexible working hours, at Patagonia, the management has provided flexibility to enhance employee engagement so that when the weather is perfect, they can pursue their favourite sporting activity. 4. A unique benefit offered to employees which include; paid internships with environmental groups and day care centers. All the employees at Patagonia are given access to day care at on-site. Al the above mentioned organizational factors have led to the high levels of employee satisfaction at Patagonia (YouTube).

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Response 2

At a time when other retail companies see a turnover exceeding 100% annually, Patagonia has a low turnover of 25% (voluntary and involuntary) in its brick and mortar Stores while 7% at headquarter. The low turnover at Patagonia is a good number, and former C.E.O Casey Sheaman in 2006 attributed the low turnover of 25% to the company's authentic and ambitious mission statement together with the corporate culture which happens to be critical to all the employees. The company's mission statement indicates, "build best products, cause no harm, and use business to implement solutions to the environmental problems"; this has been mostly accredited for the low turnover of 25% experienced in the company (Henneman).

Response 3

The term boiler room' in business refers to a place where sales people work using unscrupulous tactics and selling questionable investments via telephone calls. In recent popular culture, fictional film such as 2013 movie The Wolf of Wall Street and 2000 film Boiler Room depict how a boiler room operation works through dishonest means. After viewing the film Boiler Room, (YouTube), I have come to a conclusion that no employee at J.T Marlin would be satisfied with the job. J.T Marlin offers young recruits wealth within the first three years as stockbrokers. Even though the small firm can pay its staff a lot of money, its work ethics is questionable and becomes under investigation by the F.B.I. In the film, the offices at J.T Marlin are boiling with employee tension and let us just say working at the firm tests your moral compass. Therefore, based on the discrepancy, employees do not have high levels of job satisfaction at J.T Marlin despite the exorbitant amount of cash they earned. This is because they later learn that the company is unfairly stealing and cheating from people; the immoral approach to acquiring wealth becomes a concern to some employees hence denounces that there are no high levels of job satisfaction in the firm (YouTube)

Response 4

By comparing both organizations, Patagonia and J.T. Marlin company in the Boiler Room, I would prefer working at Patagonia because of the work ethics in the corporate, the organisational culture, and the unique benefits offered to all new and existing employees such as bonuses, flexible working hours, and paid internships with environmental groups.

Response 5

The reason I would not prefer working for J.T. Marlin in the Boiler Room is because of the deceptive practices and work ethics that depict a lack of job satisfaction among its employees. Furthermore, the company was under investigation by the F.B.I under fraud, and the reputation diminished. In contrast, Patagonia has been a company that has practiced proper work ethics ensuring all its clients job satisfaction hence the reputation has grown.

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