Barriers to Logical Thinking

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Logical thinking is a process whereby one reasons progressively by relating the relevant facts and statements to come up with the best reasonable conclusion. In logical thinking, the facts and declarations are arranged in a systematic order to come up with a sensible meaning. Scenarios that call for rational thinking require that the facts, statements, and conclusions are in a manner that the relationship between them makes sense. One can improve their logical thinking through training themselves by learning in their respective environments. By doing that the solutions to problems are found much faster since understanding is made easier and simpler. Logical thinking is essential in our day to day activities as it forms the basis for problem-solving through being rational. Unfortunately, there are several limiting factors to the use of information we collect to come up with correct solutions. Through learning, one may be able to prevent some of these barriers.

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One of the many challenges facing logical thinking is personal beliefs. Personal beliefs always lead to a lot of biases. When we involve our feelings, it will affect our rational thinking negatively. Through our personal convictions, we are not able to come up with the truth about the real world out there. Our beliefs mainly base on our history such as our past experiences in the environment we were brought up. For many years, people have been feeding each other with wrong information with others having their personal agendas by giving out misleading information. The past experiences will contribute to our beliefs and also increase the level of biases in our critical thinking. If there is bias in our logical thinking, there will be a wrong systematic manner in which our facts, statements, and conclusions are arranged to come up with a solution.

Emotions are limiting factors to logical thinking. Emotions such as anger tend to affect our rational thinking in a negative way. In fact, anger makes us act in an illogical manner anger makes us forget the systematic way in which our thinking functions. Anger makes us irrational in everything we do, and we do not think properly, and hence we jump into wrong conclusions instead of coming up with solutions to the problem that angered us initially.

Different perceptions among many people affect logical thinking. Many people do not expand their thinking into adopting other people's ideas or level of thinking. Judgment brings about a reductive way of thinking by not considering other methods of logical thinking. We limit ourselves to a logic that functions as a closed system.

We can conclude that logical thinking is essential in coming up with solutions through the process of reasoning. For logical thinking to be successful, it is recommended that one has to set an achievable goal that is realistic. Systematic planning follows because arranging the facts, statements and conclusions in a chronological manner helps us find the correct solutions and to follow the correct methods in solving our problems. One has also to use the information collected to understand the connection between the facts and the conclusion to be made. Reasoning helps one to check the viability of the result. Through the process of learning, one can vastly improve their logical thinking as it makes them smarter in dealing with the various problems they encounter.

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