Article Analysis Essay on Importance of Education in Human Life: a Holistic Approach

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Bhardwaj is an education campaigner who seeks to establish a holistic approach through which the importance of value based education can be identified. According to Bhardwaj Ajay in the article Importance of education in human life: a holistic approach, education is both a shield and a spear in that it helps fight through situations by solving problems and also helps individuals to avoid problems by understanding situations and getting a critical outlook on things and situations. Bhardwaj seeks to establish the role of science and technology in the development of modern education and knowledge to the personal, social, political, cultural and economic spheres of life. Bhardwaj notes that education cannot be underestimated because of the fact that the values that are imparted on children as they grow have an effect on the society and existence of good citizenship.

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Article main idea

Education is both a virtue and a symbol of freedom in the society; education brings both understanding and cooperation of the people by making it possible to integrate different entities into a single society. According to Bhardwaj education is not limited to colleges and schools but education is a process through which in the practical world individuals gain importance lessons applicable in future real life situations. Education is a necessity and a manifestation of the beauty of life. Education ensures the continuity of life and values that promote good social conduct, good character, and self-respect. Bhardwaj argues that education is an approach through which holistic human virtues and lives that have been established over generations and centuries can be integrated into the society. These values impart the ability of unconditional love and self-respect which helps develop a society where people respect each other and also are aware of their roles to the community and their self-worth. Bhardwaj emphasizes that education is a process that lasts all through the life of an individual through which people can learn through their experiences of success and failures. Holistic education seeks to develop character, physical awareness, and mentality of individuals. Therefore, value-based education as identified by Bhardwaj is an approach to establish the purpose and perception of individuals.

Direct article quotes

There has been a lapse in our education value system which the education institutes should inculcate in a student.

Man is nothing but an animal. It is the education that teaches him many things, teaches the manners, rules, and regulations of life.

The above quotes seek to establish the need for a holistic approach towards establishing an education curriculum that meets the social values needs of the community. Without these values, education has been less effective in developing leaders and a futuristic community guided by virtues. Instead, early pregnancies, violence, and moral decay have been on the rise in the community. Without education, social regulations are no more which has led to the development of social animosity amongst the people. Problem-solving, compassion, and generosity are no more, and instead, social materialism and consumerism have replaced good moral virtues.

Article paraphrase

A value based education system and culture refer to an education process through which values are learned from other people with a good example.

According to this paraphrase, education is only significance and effective in the community when it imparts values that can not only be learned in a classroom setting but also in the behavior of others which can have a positive impact on the long-term well-being of an individual. This paraphrase helps the author draw the difference between education and literacy. Values of literacy can be acquired not only from an institutional framework but also in homes.


Bhardwaj, A., 2016. Importance of Education in Human Life: a Holistic Approach.

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