Applications of Broadband Technology

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Broadband technology is a means of telecommunication where a wide range of frequencies are used to transmit information. This means that information can be sent and received faster than before. The Federal Communications Commission's (FCC's) baseline for broadband data transfer is 25 megabits-per-second for downloads and 3 Mbps for uploads. This technology finds use in a wide range of applications across many aspects of our lives. It applies to different kinds of industries and various consumer applications.

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Broadband technology at work

One of the applications of broadband technology is videoconferencing. I work in the healthcare field. With the many challenges of such a fast paced workplace, it becomes extremely difficult for all the staff to conduct a meeting together at the same time. Broadband technology has really helped. It has made video conferencing possible. This means that people can be in different locations and yet be actively involved in a meeting. Doctors can now conduct patient consultations without having the patient present in the doctors office. This helps doctors serve more patients and yet reduce the workload.

New application for the industry

There is so much more that broadband technology can do to make life easier for both the patient and healthcare providers. Recently the idea of wearable sensors on clothing has come up. These sensors can provide plenty of physiological information that will help physicians diagnose, treat and manage chronic diseases more effectively. Vital signals can be monitored in real-time and sent to the physician faster and analyzed more effectively. All this can be possible due to the power of broadband technology. These wearable sensors are referred to as health body area networks (HBANs) (Obaidat, Denko, & Woungang, 2011). This technology is not yet in use in the industry but I hope to see it working in the near future.

Broadband technology at home

Broadband technology has really proliferated the consumer market in recent years. It has found its way into our homes and we have been quick to welcome and accept it. It has brought with it an array of entertainment applications. From streaming and downloading media to multiplayer cyber games (Federal Communications Commission). These days our favorite music, movie or television show can be quickly accessed by the click of a button. Applications like Netflix and Hulu which stream movies and television shows directly to our TVs could not be possible if broadband technology was not invented. Our homes have become more comfortable thanks to this marvelous invention.

A new application for broadband

I once read a statement on the internet where a user had written that he will not be impressed with the internet until the day he will be able to download food. I found the statement to be outrageously comical. However such statements open our minds and make us wonder how far we can push the limits of broadband technology (Federal Communications Commission). My wish may not be as farfetched as the statement about downloading food but I wish there was a way that broadband technology could detect the harmful and poisonous substances that might be present in the products that we consume. Some of the consumer products that are sold to the public these days contain harmful substance such as carcinogens, heavy metal and antibiotics. A handheld gadget that can detect these and many more would be of great value to the population.


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