Application for Admission for a Masters Degree in Public Health

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I am writing to express my interest in joining public health program MPH at Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) as active master student. Having finished my business administration in February, 2004 and worked in AL-Salam Company a lawyer's secretary for six months as a part time. With the education and working experience, my desire to become a more competent health practitioner grew abundantly. The integrated activities in the university and at the workplace were unilateral entities to the emergence of administrative and health-oriented research objectives. From a personal perspective, I attribute the objectives to the foundation of better health services in a cohesive organizational environment. The intention to pursue higher education learning relate to the understanding that the advanced levels would acquaint me with the ideal knowledge and skills that will aid me in social health and administration projects. Therefore, such perceptions endeared my resolution to pursue a nursing degree.

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I started my Associate Degree of Nursing a 3-year associate degree (AND) in July 2004; during my journey, I volunteered in Qatar's volunteer center in 2001. As a volunteer, I amassed experiences and skills, which became significant to the services I rendered to the center. Similarly, the two occupations were mutually beneficial to my personal success in the academic and socio-economic fields. In addition, the preoccupations were enticing to an extent that I participated in more events in public areas; for example, the Asian Cup, Diabetics Center, and the Qatar Foundation. All these activities necessitated my profound idea that the course to earn additional nursing and clinical skills was inevitable in offering the necessary social and economic services to the population.

As staff nurse, I joined Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) in November, 2008 working in medical, surgical unit, pediatric, and ICU. I committed all my services to the patients in my concern; hence, the working period which occurred as an internship program was incremental to my long-term objectives for rendering medical and clinical services to the health industry. Further, I earned a 7-year opportunity to work with the psychiatry and mental health department in the hospital. During that time, I completed my undergraduate Degree in Jordan. The advancement in education instilled my belief that I bore unlimited chances to acquire the necessary and intellectual knowledge that would empower my competence in remitting professional and unlimited health services to the entire society. I graduated from the Al-Ahliyyah Amman University, a course that I pursued while still working at Hamad Medical Corporation. I hope that the following skills ascertain my credibility to undertake and excel in the masters course after your approval.

- Staff Nurse in Outpatient clinic, 5 years.

- Worked with Professor Dr. Adel Zaraa in Consultation and liaison services at Emergency Department, for 2 years.

- Community health services- Day care and Home care occupations that took 3 months in 2015.

Recently, I resigned from HMC and I am looking forward to improve my professionalism.

Yours faithfully,


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