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The society faces myriads of social, economic, and political challenges that impede progress and the general human welfare. In recognition of these critical problems facing the distraught inner city and poor rural settlements, it is important that professional involvement is encouraged. Therefore, the role of a professional community social worker is indispensable in identifying the current challenges, assessing their implications, and providing feasible alternative ways of addressing them. It is in light of these realities that I am motivated to pursue a master of social work.

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Challenges associated with societal health, vulnerability to natural and human-caused hazards, increasing population of the elderly, juvenile delinquency, and drug use among the teenagers all reinforce or act independently to make most communities unsafe for prosperity. It beats logic that by pursuing higher education, I will gain the necessary knowledge and expertise on how to resolve some of these evident challenges as a means of giving back to the society. Through the study of a master in social work, I will gain not only a reinforcement of the experiences that I have had working in different sectors but also to harness such experiences for the development of a holistic approach to resolve diverse issues without necessarily resulting in controversies or a back clash. Among the skills that I have gained so far that this master will reinforce the opportunities and challenges within the correctional system, investigative agencies, and wellness.

This Master degree will afford me an additional opportunity to interact with other students from the rest of the world, understand the social challenges that they encounter at home and develop a wider concept of the general community needs. In essence, having a broader perspective of the ills that befall the expansive society is important in framing both general and specific approaches to resolving them. My professional background has exposed me to the dynamics of the society including community health, security needs, teenage lifestyle problems, and drug use trends, which provide me with a first baseline on which to develop further concepts on how to correct the common challenges as a professional social worker. Professional work at the Department of Homeland Security and Office of the Aging provided me with an impetus to develop a new perception of social issues through pursuing further studies in social work. Just like inmates are restricted in the cells with many liberties curtailed, the elderly also suffer from constraints of old age, increased vulnerability to diseases and reduce mobility. These two populations are exposed to different conditions but seem to experience the same effects. Therefore, this master will improve my understanding of such cross-cutting issues in the society.

Apart from the professional experience that I have gained so far, I have also undergone various proficiency training in the areas of legal matters associated social work, child training interviewing, and sexual assault issues, which have all provided me with a major exposure to ways of responding to the specific occurrences in the communities. These sets of knowledge compounded with the learning I will attain through thus master will be valuable in broadening my scope of understanding even some of the most intriguing aspects of the community thus making it easier to develop pervasive interventions.

Working with the disadvantaged communities requires diverse skills and abilities. Some of these abilities including the capacity to understand the individual needs and challenges, effective communication, provision of innovative solutions as well as a high sense of professionalism in dealing with everyone at their levels are best achieved through continued studies hence my decision to pursue this master program. My undergraduate studies at the Alvernia University studying Social Work as a major course supported with my internships confirm my commitment to addressing societal needs as an initial approach towards ensuring prosperity. Therefore, this master will form a first step towards getting further certifications and licenses of operations to implement far-reaching transformations in the local communities with a consequence of social justice, equity, and enjoyable living.

Working as an intern at both the Berks County Children and Youth, and Reading School District Head Start exposed me to disturbing trends among the youth including indulgence in narcotics, criminal lives and dropping out of the school systems. In most cases, the correctional facilities have failed to restore them to productive lives. Nonetheless, without adequate professional training on such issues, I could not overly address their needs. Failure to change singlehandedly the most significant issues affecting such people challenged me to undertake further studies. To this end, I have the expectation that this master will not only act as motivation for my career development but also provide me with requisite knowledge and skills to respond actively to the various needs of the people I interact with in my professional life.

Accomplishing this master will afford me an opportunity to attain my passion in policy development and planning for different social needs including psychiatric, wellness and energy situation within different localities. It is my understanding that the rural areas that lack adequate social support are the most exposed to social upheavals hence this academic achievement will importantly improve my resilience in working at local, state, regional and international levels for the betterment of humanity. Without a doubt, this master is at the center of my becoming a career social worker, as it will nurture in me the attributes of patience and empathy that are important when dealing with people facing different hardships in their lives. Furthermore, this master will help me in handling a lot of societal issues, and be responsible for assessing cases. The lecture knowledge accompanied by internships and other training during this master will all improve my career.

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