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Youth Administrative Action Plan program is not an easy task to handle. It requires a person with tolerance, humility, patience, dedication and understanding for him to mobilize youth programs. In the modern society, most teenagers look forward to establishing their identity in the community for them to be recognized, accepted and achieve their desired goals in life. It is because of these basic needs of young people that mature intellectual leaders with professional skills came up with programs to deliver high-quality services that assist them in solving their problems. They designed ways to deal with different personalities in youths and neutralize all of them for mutual benefit to each (Ayanso &Moyers, 2012).

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Question 1: Describe your vision for your youth ministry program

Any operational organization needs to consider its organizational vision as this is where they want to rate the business soon. Action planning in the organization is a crucial tool that helps managers in aligning managerial roles and should be easy to understand in reflecting organizational values in decision making. The principal purpose of this Administrative Action Plan is to formulate a closed path for the youth organization in the next five or more years. My vision for the youth ministry program is to focus on youth empowerment and spiritual growth.Diversified employment opportunities offered, will be a unified plan with potential staffs committed to their duties. On the other hand, I will also develop a solid team of volunteered young individuals who have the same vision like mine and merge them together to have a reliable workforce determined to achieve one goal. The volunteers should be treated with respect and offered with good avenues to further their training and have basic equipment to perform their duties effectively such as modern computers and machines. When youth get inspired, they will develop accurate self-assessment of where they want to be, have self-management in adapting tothe physical and social environment and develop inspirational leadership skills (Dobson R, 2002).

Question 2: Describe how you will integrate media and technology into your youth ministry program

Both the media and technology plays a significant role in my department in some ways. Technology advancement has created other ways of communicating with members through emailing, using social media such as Twitter, linked-In and Instagram among others for secure communication. Also, in the offices, I will ensure that the youths employed modern equipment to perform their duties efficiently such as computers, wireless internet for reliable research accessibility. Anyone interested can have access to the website and collect all the relevant information concerning my procedural changes and manual on youth programs and the upcoming events. Conversely, I will integrate the media in my program by advertising through their daily newspapers, radios, and journals with the aim of making the youth summit a worldwide recognized event (Witt& Caldwell, 2010).

Question 3: Describe how you will interact with the youth in your program

Proper interaction with teens is an important virtue in the organization as it will be the core determinant for an effective strategic plan. I will ensure that I hold annual meetings and organize for seminars for these youths to explore their talents also learn new ideas that might help them in performing their duties. It is through this kind of cooperation that I will be able to evaluate their performances, determine those worth promotions and carry out the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis on their job performances.The study will help me in formulating the objectives of the company and steps used in realizing the success of the business. I will also consider involving the youths in every step of decision making from drafting the job description to making final suggested solutions. As a result of youth ministry program, I would want to see in our young people striving for themselves to curb unemployment in the country through self-employment through business ideas they received from the summit. Having a greater interaction with the youth empowers them to be diligent, responsible people in the society and maintain a high self-esteem (Stone& Hass, 2011).

Question 4: Develop a mock budget for your ministry program, include your salary, supplies and technology.

Expenses No. of attendance

Youth Cost ($)

(per Youth) Total Cost ($)

Summits 100 500 50,000

Supplies 6 3,000 18,000

Salaries (Staffs) 30 10,000 300,000

Technology (Laptop & repairs) 100 50,000 5,000,000

Accommodation 100 1000 100,000

Total Cost - - 5,468,000

Financial budgets are crucial in as it helps the management committee to determine the total expenditure when a program has to be at a particular period. It needs to be planned for earlier and approved by the administrative committee before the cash disbursed to their account.

In conclusion, youth ministry program should be supported not only by the local members but also the government as it helps them get ideas of being independent not only by receiving white collar jobs but also get they get motivated to be great entrepreneurs in the society. Administrative Action Plans should analyze both internal and external programs that will help them implement their strategies and control the management process to be effective in delivering services to the youths employed.


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