You Are Never Too Old to Go Back to School

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Education is a basic need that is introduced to children at a tender age. It is easier to educate young people since they have fewer things to think about and responsibilities. Research shows that younger minds grasp new ideas quickly and that it is simpler to understand new concepts. Going to school is usually associated with the younger generation, and it is evident that the seniors are left out. However, there is no age to attain education. No one is too old to go to school (Scala, 1996). Individuals should be given a chance to achieve an education despite their age.

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Many seniors express their main fears of going to school is interacting with the younger generation. However, instead of thinking of the young people, the older people should look at the chance to achieve their dreams. Many people have reasons for not attaining their degree when they were younger which should not discourage them to go and achieve that goal (Scala, 1996). Some individuals did not get their degrees because of lack of funds, sickness, and other responsibilities. Therefore, one should go back to school at any age as long as they are willing to study.

Education is dependent on memory and understanding. This puts senior people at a disadvantage since they quickly forget as compared to young people. However, it is evident that younger people tend to be less focused and do not work as hard as the seniors. As long as senior students put extra effort, they are as good as their young counterparts. Moreover, learning at an older age makes one work harder as they are aware of the fact that their careers are dependent on the education. Thus holding discussions and interacting with other students makes learning simpler (Scala, 1996).

Going back to school at an older age could bring a strain to someone's finances. This is because one could have many other responsibilities and dependents. However, it is evident that people with degrees have more opportunities and earn more money than those without degrees. Many people have been promoted and even landed better jobs after attaining their degree. Thus instead of thinking of education as an additional expense, individuals should focus on the aspect of increment of income after the education. Going back to school at a later age could be a means to attain financial stability.

It is known that certain skills are taught in school. Therefore, going back to school provides one with the chance to improve skills and learn new ways of handling tasks (Scala, 1996). Also, with the advancement of technology, institutions of learning provide a platform for one to develop new skills and invent the means to handling issues. Going back to school ensures that teachers are well informed. In this way, the quality of education and economic status is improved. A community that is educated encourages globalization which brings about new investments and provides a market for products.

Education as a basic need should not be limited to people of a particular age. In fact, allowing seniors to interact with the young people is beneficial as they share their experiences. It allows the young ones an opportunity to learn from people rather than parents and teachers. Therefore, it is never too late to go back to school as learning is a continuous process that only ends when one passes on.


Scala, M. A. (1996). Going back to school: Participation motives and experiences of older adults in an undergraduate classroom. Educational Gerontology: An International Quarterly, 22(8), 747-773.

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