Why Title I Schools in the United States Present a Lot of Deficit

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This study sought to find out why Title I schools in the United States present a lot of deficit. In the study, it was established that Title I schools are those schools which still get Federal Aid program. It is one of the oldest federal programs in the United States. The funds for Title I are aimed at bridging the gap between students from low income households and those from well-to-do households. This means that the Department of Education gives the funding for Title I program to support schools across all districts so they will be able to meet the needs of students from background that is categorized as risk and from low-income background. This program has been useful because the gap between the students from well-to-do backgrounds and those from poor ones was widening. The different culture that comes from this diversified background is one of the reasons for the benefits and the needs for issues will be achieved in the end. Research shows that there is a relationship between economic success, environment, and culture in Title I schools. This is evident in the materials that a student is able to access when these parameters are controlled. Culture is also useful in promoting diversity and unity in Title I schools. It is for this reason that there is a need to have an understanding of how cultural diversity and economic background plays a crucial role in the management and enhancement of education in these settings. The methodology that was used is that of systematic review design. This means that there was relevant review of the literature. This is one of the requirements that have been useful in the research. There will be an analysis of the details and arguments that have been put forth by various researchers. The data will be collected from secondary sources of information. The secondary sources will include books, journals, scholarly magazines, and relevant interview for the data that will be collected. The research was done by undertaking an understanding of the various literatures and studies that have been done in the past to get the results that are needed.

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5.2 Summary of results

5.2.1 Major question

The main question was to find out the impact of cultural diversity, favorable environment, and economic status of Title I schools. Results from the research analysis and design indicate that there is relationship socio-economic status and cultural diversity in performance at Title I schools.

5.2.2 Research sub-question 1

Does cultural diversity have an impact in Title I schools? In the analysis of the quantitative data, it was revealed that Black students were known to do better in some subjects like English, Language, Arts and Reading. The academic performance of Black students is better than the Hispanic student counterpart from the low socio-economic backgrounds. However, the academic performance was negligible in all areas. There was, however, significant difference in Mathematics performance between the students from low socio-economic backgrounds and Hispanics from low socio-economic backgrounds too.

5.2.3 Research sub-question 3

Does the gender of students who are culturally diverse have an impact in Title I schools. In the research that was done, it was revealed that students from backgrounds which were culturally diverse, female students performed better than male students in such areas like English Language, Math, Reading, and the overall achievement (Khan 83). While there was a difference of performance in the science, where females were seen to be doing better than males, the difference was not significant. On the other hand, the males were doing better than females in the social sciences. This difference was not significant.

5.2.4 Research sub-question 4

Does the level of grade for students from diverse background bring any difference in their performance in Title I schools. A systematic review of the research showed that the seventh graders were performing better than students in sixth grade. The seventh graders were seen to be performing better in subjects such as Math, Science, Social Studies, and the overall achievement of the students. There was also indication of better performance of seventh graders in English Language Arts, though the performance was not significant. The sixth graders in Title I schools were seen to be performing better than students in seventh grade in Reading.

5.2.5 Research sub-question 5

What are some of the factors that contribute to high performance of students from low socio-economic status in Title I schools? There are several factors that have been shared across the stakeholders as to the reason there is high performance of students from low socio-economic status. One of the reasons for the high performance of students in low socio-economic status is that they were able to stay focused in class. They were able to relate with their teachers and get the examples that were used in class. The relation they had with their teachers was reliable enough. Students from low socio-cultural backgrounds are able to relate with the teachers and share with them in case there is something that is to be hard. The teachers are known to use games and graphics that are familiar with the students. They are able to relate with the concepts that are taught in class. Parents were also seen to be helping their children to perform better. They strived to do their part to help their children do better. They made sure that the children followed the instructions of the teachers and gave the push they required. They encouraged their children to do their part (Glenda, Burgess, Henderson 83). The parents believed that the children had to have the interest in the work they were doing and that they had to have the desire in school in order to have the general feeling of goodness in the aftermath. The parents from low socio-economic status also believed that children were to be directed to hands-on activities that motivated them to do more in their academic work. Children also get the time to work with friends and thus get the fun while they learn.

5.2.6 Research sub-question 6

What factors contribute to high performance of students from high socioeconomic backgrounds in Title I schools? The students from culturally diverse high socioeconomic families shared that they performed well because they took heed of the teachers instructions, practiced what they were told while at school, made sure they did not talk while they are in class, work hard, and stay focused to the teachings they get from their teachers. It is also becoming clear that the students do good and well in class if the teachers made use of examples, however silly they are. They were also keen and happy when their teachers showed them keen interest in the work that they were doing. The parents of these students believed that the interest of the child and the motivation to work and their (parents) involvement in schoolwork is some of the factors that have helped the students do better in school. The parents also shared that when the teachers came up with opportunities that enabled the children to do work that they could sharing class, this could be the contributing factors for success.

For the research questions 5 and 6, there was also the contribution that the teachers gave for the performance of the children in their classes. These are the factors that needed to be included in the research in order to have the view of both the teachers and the students in this entire process. Some of the factors that they cited include the need to have a one-on-one relationship with the students, finding unique strategies to motivate the students, and always striving to build the self-esteem of the students are some of the strategies that could be useful in the end. The teachers also believed that the personality and the individual engagement with students in the various categories are the reasons why students would get the time to get engaged with the teachers. The teachers also stated that when they have time to work with the students, and when they engaged with students in the various activities and have alternative methods to teaching, like having group work, the students appeared to work and perform better. These are the issues that needed to be given more concern. The reason is that the students tend to appeal to different learning styles. Also, the use of graphic organizers, and mnemonic devices, and other forms of visual aids are the contributing factors that have enhanced the use of the different learning styles for the students. There are many factors that have been seen to have contributed to the issues in place.

5.3 Relationship with the research to the field

There is a great relevance of the findings with the research that has been done in the previous parts of the paper. This paper has shown that there is no significant relationship socioeconomic status and the academic performance of the students. In this paper, the parameter of socioeconomic status and cultural diversity does not affect the academic performance of students. It shows that the issues that are in place do not affect the relationship between the three parameters.

5.4 Discussion of results

From the systematic review, one thing that is coming out clearly is that there is no relationship between academic performance and socioeconomic status for students in Title I schools. This is a significant shift from previous studies that showed that there was a relationship between socioeconomic status and academic performance for students in Title I schools. There is an issue and connection that the socioeconomic status of parents has some important relationship between students and their academic performance. This is something that is important and should be looked into in the future. Perhaps, it will need a study of its own. This could be explained in data that has been collected before that relates middle school students and their environments and how they performed. There are research findings that have been done in the past regarding socioeconomic status of parents and the performance of students in subjects like Reading and Mathematics. Research from California Assessment Program of Basic Skills indicated that socio-economic status of students in environment which is culturally diverse affect the performance of the students. However, there was a t-test that was done on the results, which showed that white students performed better than Minority students (The Blacks).

Research has also shown that students from high-income backgrounds had their parents get involved in the education of their children. This behavior of the parents will influence the behavior of the students and will have a value base for the children in their quest to work towards the achievement of the academic excellence. This is something that is interesting and proves the previous research that they could not have the needed aspects and issues for a successful research in the end (Kirton, and Greene 93). Although this is the case, the current study shows that the parents from both high-income backgrounds and those from low-income backgrounds had the same involvement on academics of their children. This shows that there is no significant impact of the socioeconomic status of the students on the performance. It shows that many of the parents had the same involvement with their student academic performance and had the same attitude and involvement in the performance of the students. However, some parents proved that they leave academic work to the teacher so that they will not get involved in the work of the people in the area of expertise.

Another indication from the research is that the parents wanted to be involved in the education of the child, but the data indicated otherwise in the entire process. There are many aspects that ne...

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