Why Is It Important to Share the Clinical Information Through Publications?

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The purpose of writing a manuscript for my capstone project on Hospital-acquired pressure ulcers is because it is important to share the clinical information through publications. The journal for publication is "Journal of Wound Ostomy and Continence Nursing." The Capstone Project has addressed evidence-based practice on HAPU management and control through application of skin care champions. Concerning this publication, I understand the key requirements and reasons of making a publication. For a quality publication, the manuscript should be plagiarism free (Morton, 2013). The reason for sharing this publication is because HAPU incidence is a widespread problem in the healthcare. For many reasons I found it useful to make this publication through.

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For many reasons, I found it worthy to make this publication since most of the organizations have found that pressure ulcers are preventable according to (Bhattacharya & Mishra, 2015). The project has focused on prevention measures since patients acquire pressure ulcers while in the hospital setting due to factors that affect their morbidity (Dealey, Posnett, & Walker, 2012). Implementing evidence-based practice as illustrated in the project will reduce the incidence rate as well as a better patient outcome (Black & Kalowes, 2016). The project achieved a 0% incidence on pressure ulcers following the application of skin care champion nurses. This publication will thus be helpful in disseminating the knowledge on HAPU management and control.

The information in this capstone project is helpful for the clinical practice and to improve more on patient outcome. Through a journal publication, the information will be available for clinical use before making a print (Davis, & Cde, 2012). Publications are easier to access than prints. Again, the journal publications are easily disseminated to many care providers which will make it possible to share the information (Morton, 2013). The information in my capstone project is relevant for improving patient outcome on pressure ulcers.


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