Why I am interested in nursing and why I am seeking a DNP at the University of the Incarnate Word

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. I am interested in seeking at DNP at the University of the Incarnate Words School of nursing because I want to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner. I chose to work in the psychiatric nursing field as I am drawn to this area of nursing because I find working with mental health patients both challenging and rewarding. It is challenging as I realize I need more specialized education working with these individuals beyond the baccalaureate education.

I am choosing the University of the Incarnate Word as I see the program offers an in-depth curriculum toward psychiatric nursing and an opportunity to foster relations in the course of my learning. I want an education that is not heavily based in online learning as I prefer the student to student interaction as well as interaction with the professors. I am looking for a program that provides intensive clinical internships to ensure that I am well trained after the completion of my program. Lastly, I feel your program, which is rooted in Christian values can prepare me to be a nursing leader who incorporates ethical and moral values, cultural competency and awareness while promoting evidence-based practice and professional collaboration and integrated care.

Why I selected a DNP instead of a PhD

Today, nursing is taking on greater responsibilities in healthcare through the expanded role of the nurse practitioner. Advanced practice nurses educated at the doctoral level are essential for inter-professional collaboration that ultimately improves patient health outcomes. I chose the nursing profession initially as I wanted a practice oriented career that was patient-centered. In my research on the next educational step in my career, I was drawn toward the DNP. DNP utilizes knowledge based on research evidence that guides practice. Through its incorporation of healthcare policy, leadership theory, and evidence-based guideline, I will gain meaningful education alongside other doctoral professionals. I am looking for an education that has a greater emphasis on direct clinical practice. I have realized that the DNP concept remains in its infancy, but it is needed to move the profession forward. There still exists a knowledge gap in educating advance practice nurses to meet the needs of providing high quality advanced psychiatric nursing care. I am looking for a program that will educate me to enact effective changes in practice guidelines, quality improvement, standards of care and change for practice where the gaps in knowledge remain. I hope to improve my communication and collaborative skills for analyzing and resolving complex patient issues as well as learn efficient ways to utilize evidence-based practice guidelines and application of research.

How I anticipate using DNP and how DNP credential will advance my professional career

The DNP will improve my communication and collaborative skills with other healthcare professional such as medical doctors, psychiatrists, therapists, social workers and pharmacists to name a few. I will be responsible for analyzing and resolving complex patient issues as well as learn efficient ways to utilize evidence-based practice guidelines and application of research. I was introduced to evidence-based practice in my undergraduate education and realize how fast health information can change. I recognize the need to review research and practice guidelines efficiently and take the pertinent application and apply to my practice. I want to understand how to effectively look at research and carefully analyze and scrutinize its contents appropriately as it will affect my patient care approach. I understand as a novice nurse practitioner there is a professional responsibility I have to myself, my patients and the profession to obtain a high-quality educational advance nursing practice. I strongly believe in gaining the knowledge on how to use research information and I need a good foundation in my formal education. The DNP credential will advance my professional career as I will be able to develop collegial relationships with other DNP professionals. I will also be part of the new cohort of nursing professionals that have an advanced degree to continue to move the profession toward doctoral education for all advanced practice nurses.

My population of interest

My population of interest is a child and adolescent mental health. I believe it is one of the most difficult areas in the psychiatric department due to the high demand of adolescents with mental health diagnosis going through difficult times, yet I have always found myself knowing how to interact with the adolescent population during any crisis and meet their needs appropriately.

My clinical area of interest

My clinical area of interest is a child and adolescent mental health nursing and substance use disorders. Working in the psychiatric department, I noticed lots of patients aged 14 being admitted with opium overdoses, which is very devastating, even in the communities.

My interpretation of innovative leadership and what it means to me

Innovative leadership is a style that combines different leadership styles to influence individuals in the attainment of certain set goals and objectives. Innovative leadership encourages employees to be versatile and employ their strengths in solving immediate problems within their environment. Innovative leadership to me will encourage the application of my unique style of approach in addressing problems within the nursing profession as well as respecting the decisions taken by my other colleagues.

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