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Vijana Reloaded is a Swahili term that explains the element of empowerment to the youths. This is because, in many cases, the youths have been rendered jobless and cannot be able to support themselves. Many people who are known to involve in major criminal activities are the youths and the reason behind these issues is because of lack of employment and good mentorship (Dembo, 2010). A different organization with the help of the central government have tried to come up with programs that empower the youths. Many youths have graduated from different universities but still there cannot find good employment opportunities that would enable them to support themselves and their families.

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The government has realized that the reason why the youths are engaging in various criminal activities instead of building the nation is because of lack of job opportunities and good mentorship. This is why it has embarked on a program that ensures the youths are supported in their endeavors to support themselves (Dembo, 2010). The government has advocated for people to try and come up with their unique ideas and they would get funding from the government to ensure that those projects become a reality. In some cases, this project has succeeded as many youths have benefited from such programs. The government with the help of foreign countries have set aside a huge amount of money to ensure that the youths are supported. Despite all this action, some of the youths are still left behind, and they still engage in destructive ways of lives.

It is high time that the youths came out strong and start fighting for their rights. In the conditions, the group outlines how the marginalized groups such as the women, children, and the youths should be treated. This is because most of the people that are known to be well of and having a better job are the elderly. The value proposition that I would give to the youths is campaigning. The youths should try to come up with their brand and make it aware to the public. In most cases, it is considered that the government has been reluctant in supporting the youths. This is because of the several issues that the government has to concentrate on since they are considered more important for the good of the public. Security is an area that the government has majored on and paid small attention to a matter pertaining the youths. The youths should form a union that tries to protect their rights. They should select a person who is going to represent them on various platforms especially on matters that involves employment. This is the area that most of the youths are affected. Every year, a huge number of youths graduate from different universities, and still they can not be able to secure their dream jobs (Dembo, 2010). By forming and selecting a representative, he/she would ensure that the government is made aware of the many issues that the youths are facing. There should be a country-wide campaign to ensure that all the youths in the country can join those unions. Many organizations have benefited from those aspects of the unions. This is because of the way they try to fight for the rights of their members.

The impact of joining the youth union is that it tends to empower it more when it comes to functioning. The government would put more concentration when they realize that most of the youths in the country are supporting that union. A government needs to earn the favor of the people for it to be re-elected again. This would indicate that they would have to focus more on the matters that the youths have aired through their unions (Dembo, 2010). The union can decide to hold rallies to educate some of the youths to join them. Some youths may not be knowledgeable of the functions of such unions making them reluctant in join them by having a countrywide campaign; it would ensure that most youths can join it and fight for their rights. Another campaign strategy that the union can use it through the use of media, such as the social media. This is one of the most influential sources of advertisement in the current world. It is believed that millions of people can access the social media within seconds. Any information that is passed through the social media can be read by millions of the youths countrywide. This is one of the best techniques that can be used to educate the youths on their rights. Many people prefer using the social media since it is easily accessible by many youths compared to other means of advertisement.

For many years, the youths have been reluctant to pressure the government to listen to their grievances. This is why the government has given them a blind eye for those many years. The youths should try to influence even the lawmakers to establish some of the policy that tends to favor them(Dembo, 2010) . One way that this action can be achieved I through influencing the policy makers to formulate bills that would ensure that every youth that graduate from the university can fund a god job that would enable him to sustain himself and his family. In many countries in the world, especially the developed countries, the law makes have developed polices that ensure the youths are absorbed into various organization once they graduate from universities. Through such action, those countries have been able to reduce the rate of crime rates that are experienced in other parts of the countries (Dembo, 2010). This is because the youths are kept occupied at all times.

The other campaign outing that can be included is forming programs where brings together the youths and advice them on how they are going to empower themselves. It is not possible for the government to provide employment opportunities for the youths in the country those programs should try to educate the youths on how they can be innovative and come up with ideas that would change their lives (Diamond, 2009). For example, they can start a business that would result in them making many profits making them support themselves. Variation can be one of the best ways for the youths to support themselves, by becoming innovative, they can establish products that can be sold in other parts of the world. Through such actions, they can also be able to support other youth who are still not able to sustain themselves. They can be creating employment opportunities for more people in the country. It is important for the youths to believe in themselves. The government should also try to support their ideas by making it easy for them to access fiance to support their projects.


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