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I never really thought about 9/11 until I saw an article that talked about the incident. This article was titled, 9/11 inside job. That title captured my attention. Could this be true? I asked myself. This prompted me to conduct a detailed research on this story. As I started doing my research, I found a bunch of information that I had no idea existed, and that got me intrigued. Reading about what is said happened, what actually is the truth in this story and what the Government did astonished me. It was mentioned that 3000 people had died that day. I will talk more bout on this later on. Witnesses testified that they saw jumpers, whom I will talk of their origin. The research I did indicated that the Government had planned this for over thirty years.

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First of all I will refresh your memory about that day, September 11, 2001. Nineteen hijackers took over four different planes with box cutter knives. The First plane, which came from Boston, crashed into the First tower. A couple of hours after the first plane crushed, around 9:00 AM, a second plane crashed into the second tower, which collapsed forty minutes after it had been hit by the plane . Shortly after news spread that a plane crashed in the center of the Pentagon, a fourth plane landed on a field and it was suspected that it was headed to the white house. Media reported that 3000 innocent people died, along with 343 fire fighters and police officers on that fateful day. It was a tragic day for everyone here in the United States.

It is a known fact that jet fuel cannot melt medal or titanium, which were present in the two towers and at the pentagon. Thermite was found in the dust at the twin towers and Pentagon. Thermite is a mixture of finely powdered aluminum and iron oxide that emits very high temperature on combustion, and is used in welding and for incendiary bombs. Who planted thermite at the twin towers and at the Pentagon? That may still be a mystery; some might say that the Government hired someone to import Thermite into the buildings but that has not been verified. Witnesses, who were there, including fire fighters, say that they heard multiple explosions. Thermite is what caused the buildings to explode since it was found in the dust particles at the places of the incidence.

Now lets talk about the 3000 innocent deaths. According to SSID, only 12% of the 3000 people claimed to have died on 9/11, which is fifty-nine people are listed with the SSID (Social Security Death Index). USA today has an article that states that families still have no real confirmation of 9/11 death toll. These families are going through all kind of post dramatic stress disorders because they still are waiting for clarifications about their family members who they lost during the 9/11 incidence. With no disrespect to anyone that lost their family members, it is clear the photos that were published of the dead people were photo shopped.

This leads to the only deaths that people witnessed; the four jumpers. They are known to be Israelite students who were on the 91st Floor. The Art students stayed at the trade center from the March of 2000 until the September of 2001. They chose the 91st floor due to the fact that there was no security system put in place past the 78th floor of that same building. They had taken out one of the large windows and built a balcony on the 91st floor. They even took a picture of themselves standing on that balcony with what looked like a helicopter in the background. They had videotaped themselves pushing manikins off the balcony. They were also reported to have left the World Trade Center the day before the bombing of the twin towers took place.

It has been known that big corporations lost many of their employees. These corporations were said to have occupied the space past the 101st floor. Pictures taken of twin towers a day before the 9/11 incident shows that floors beyond the78th floor were not occupied. The floors did not even have partitioning. How could there be corporations without floors? These large corporations claims to have lost several employees are still questionable.

Some researches out there indicate that there even were no planes that hit the two towers. When zooming into the pictures taken of the Twin Towers, one can clearly see that there was no damage done on the buildings around where the planes hit. No broken windows, just nothing but a flat surface. Since they grounded all planes and helicopters from flying to that region where the bombing took place, none of the Media houses were able to go out there and establish the real situation. The Government had their own Media platform that recorded what happened on that day. The only truth we can rely on is from the witnesses who were there since the government report would be biased.

Researchers say that this day was one of the many incidents that have been planned out for over thirty years. They say that the Government still has other incidents that are yet to happen and will sooner or later take place. If this is true then the United States is not done seeing tragic events such as the day of 9/11. It is sad that we have to our lives fearing that there is a possibly of something big happen that will put us all in a deep depression.

Here are a few reasons why I find the 9/11 incident to be an inside job. First, out of the nineteen hijackers names that were published, it was found that nine of those named were still alive. The planes were known to be remote controlled decoys. Secondly, hundreds of former government officials from the military, intelligence community, and from elected offices also say that 9/11 was an inside job. Former Governor Jesse Ventura is one of the most notable people who testified to this incident as being an inside job. Thirdly, an expert in controlled demolition had stated that the Towers were brought down by controlled demolition. However, conventional demolition technology was not used. The technology used to bring down the towers was one of the most advanced weaponry advancements developed by the U.S. Government, which are of Star Wars caliber. The Pentagon was hit by a missile and not a commercial plane as put by the government. More planes crashed in Pennsylvania; one of the many reasons to show that 9/11 was an inside job.

Everyone has their own beliefs about what happened on 9/11/2001. The facts that I came up with clearly shows that all of this was just for a show. According to SSID, there were not really 3000 innocent deaths, or 343 fire fighter deaths as reported. This was all an elaborate scam to invade Iraq by the American government.

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