Mr. Incredible as The Traditional Superhero - Character Analysis Essay

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Superheroes are structured to emerge as role models for the real world. Their activities have a lesson that is aimed at teaching a moral lesson to the real world. The superheroes take a moral stand on issues and play the role of judge and jury to decide right and wrong in a world full of moral corruption. Mr. Incredible is a role model for the stand he takes against evil and wrongdoing. He takes time off his family life to fight crime despite being a retired superhero. He does not hesitate to go back to fight crime despite his wife’s protestations. He does the right thing that guarantees the safety of everyone whose life he can save. At his job, he directs a client through procedures that are not normally revealed for the client to get their claims sorted by the company. he finds any excuse to go assist people in need especially those who cannot help themselves.

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What Superhero Fits the Definition of an Archetypal Hero?

Superhero stories have archetypal moments. Archetypal moments occur when if the hero says that he will save someone or do something heroic, or the same moment could occur within the artwork of the hero actually carrying out that action. The archetypal moment can also occur when the traditional heroic physique of large muscles, square jaws, and heroic posing that goes beyond normal depictions of heroes is showcased. Mr. Incredible has many scenes in which he is showcased in close-up shots in the conventional traditional heroic physique of large muscles, square jaws, and heroic posing. In addition, Mr. Incredible is showcased in numerous action shots especially when he is facing daunting tasks. When he is almost overwhelmed by Syndrome’s droids, he endures and recovers to beat the odds after remembering his responsibilities and a parent and a superhero.


The traditional superhero is portrayed as an individual with abilities that exceed normal, human capabilities. They are able to carry out tasks that are too difficult for normal people. Most of the superheroes have their identities concealed from the public. They conceal their identities mainly to keep their personal lives out of the public domain and for safety reasons since in their work, they encounter many enemies. Superheroes are also predisposed to do the right thing and serve as role models. Mr. Incredible is a typical superhero since he has the willingness and desire to do the right thing. He works for justice and does not hesitate to assist those in trouble. He has abilities that are far beyond any normal human being. The character of a conventional superhero is sufficiently expressed through Mr. Incredible.

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