Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

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Pip is the man who was optimistic of great things ahead in the novel. In the early stages of the book, he meets another man who had escaped from the prison premises named Magwitch. In that case, he is forced by the convict to get him some food if he (Pip) wanted to remain alive. From that threat, Pip is forced to steal some food from the nearest shelf and bring it to Magwitch. As if that was enough, the convict forces Pip to find a metal rod, which enables him to cut the shackle that, was tying his (Magwitchs) legs. However, the prison authorities in the watch of Pip rearrested Magwitch. After that, Magwitch disappears from Pip for some considerable time and reappears again later in London. From this, there are two scenarios when Magwitch was a threat to pip. First, is in the case where he threatened him to get him some and secondly, when he forces Pip to cut the rod that had tied his legs from prison. As such, Magwitch was a threat to the life of Pip. In this regard, Pip could not be comfortable meeting with a man who threatened him in the first instance of their meeting.

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Pip had every right to be cold and distant to Magwitch when they were first reunited in London. This is so because Magwitch was firstly a convict that had escaped prison and would have been executed if he were to be found in London. Additionally, he did not want to be associated with this man because of the great expectations that he had. Although Pip wanted to be wealthy and educated, he did not wish that this would be through the money of an ex-convict. As such, he was only avoiding Magwitch, as he did not want the association of an ex-convict. Notably, at this time, Pip did not know whether this man was the father of the woman that he loved most; Estella. Additionally, in his great expectations, he (Pip) knew that he could not achieve them by relying and using the money that came out of an ex-convict. As such, Pip is not at all a spoiled, conceited, ungrateful, uppity little snot, but a mindful individual who wants to achieve greatness through clean and legal ways.

If I were in Pips shoes, I would not have reacted differently in that situation. However, I would have been more cautious with this man. At first, I would be afraid of meeting an ex-convict who I had met again in terrifying circumstances. As such, pip was right to be a bit reluctant to meet this man. However, after I realized that the man had risked his life for me, I would have become more caring and considerate just as Pip did when he came to know that Magwitch was in London to appreciate him (Pip). However, helping him escape from London was too much a risk for Pip. Additionally, hiding him would also have proved catastrophic for Pip. However, if I were in his position, I would have been grateful for Magwitch. Additionally, realizing that he was the father of Estella, the love of Pip would also be a contributing factor to the way I would react. Concisely, I would have reacted the same as pip considering the circumstances of the day namely; that the man had risked his life back to London for me and that he was the father of the woman that I loved.

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